Fruit diet: how to lose up to 4 pounds in just 3 days

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The fruit diet allows you to lose up to 4 kilos in just 3 days: a diet, however, not suitable for everyone.

The fruit diet is a classic diet called “lightning”. In fact, this diet allows you to lose up to 4 kilos in just 3 days but it is also quite unbalanced as it lacks many nutrients.

fruit diet

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While this type of diet can lead to quickly drop the needle of the scale, it must also be admitted that it is not suitable for everyone. Especially those suffering from certain diseases, or pregnant women.

While this diet allows you to forfeit many vitamins and minerals on the other hand, it is advisable not to follow it for more than 3 days, otherwise it becomes counterproductive. Let’s find out how the fruit diet works.

This is how the fruit diet works

Among the diets also followed by several Hollywood stars we find that of fruit. A low-calorie diet that for three days it involves the introduction of only fruit, vegetables and a little more. Here you can also find out how to consume fruit so as not to gain weight.

fruit diet

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This way they will go to lose up to 4 kilos in just 3 days but not everyone can follow this regimen. Granted that it is always good contact a nutritionist when you decide to lose weight this regime is particularly restrictive and therefore not indicated in particular health cases.

By introducing only fruit and vegetables the diet will be unbalanced, but on the other hand we will carry out a detox program going to purify the body of waste and toxins. This diet indeed provides many vitamins, mineral salts and fibers, a panacea for the skin that will appear brighter.

In addition to consuming portions of fruit and vegetables, we must also drink at least a couple of liters of water a day. In addition we can add centrifuged and herbal teas.

Being one lightning diet will not go beyond 3 days. Therefore, the fruit diet must be followed by a low-calorie but balanced diet, where all the foods our body needs will be reintroduced.

However, the advice before embarking on such restrictive diets is always to ask your doctor for an opinion and to be followed.

But let’s see specifically what to eat in the fruit diet which lasts only 3 days and which will make us lose up to 4 kilos. If you train here you can learn about the fruit to consume post workout.

First day

Breakfast: a coffee and a seasonal fruit smoothie.
Lunch: mixed salad dressed with a tablespoon of oil and lemon. A fruit salad with seasonal fruit.
Dinner: a low-fat white yogurt with a portion of fruit.

Second day

Breakfast: a freshly squeezed orange juice
Lunch: a mixed fruit smoothie and a plain yogurt.
Dinner: a mixed fruit and vegetable salad.

Third day

Breakfast: a seasonal fruit and a coffee or green tea.
Lunch: a salad of seasonal fruit and mixed vegetables
Dinner: fruit to taste

Better then consume raw fruits and vegetables because they retain their nutrients more. Furthermore, among the vegetables, salads, fennel, tomatoes, celery are allowed, while potatoes and legumes should be avoided in these 3 days.

For fruit, fresh and strictly seasonal fruit is allowed. To avoid in these 3 days the dry one or worse the canned one. Also the juices that can be included as snacks are good, usually you can make a couple of them a day. A portion of red fruits can be alternated with the juice.

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