Fuchsia is the glamorous color of summer: here are 5 garments of this color

capi estivi fucsia

Fuchsia is the glamorous color of the summer par excellence so here are 5 summer garments in this color.

Pink, once an emblem of women, today a symbol only of glamor and that’s it. Even Valentino has built an entire collection on it, the PP Pink Collection and this already makes us understand its potential.

fuchsia summer garments

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But starting this year – and we don’t know for how long – the squad will change, it will never be the same again. Yes to its neon – fluo version, yes to its hypnotic declination e especially yes to its trendiest shade, fuchsia.

Became now genderless, this is the color of fashion, there is little to do. He leaves his traces wherever he goes, always remains imprinted in the mind of the beholder, he is the tangible representation of positivity (together with yellow, the color of joy par excellence). Wearing it is like wearing a boost of optimism, energy, light.

If you wear fuchsia – regardless of the garment you decide to color in this shade – you will inevitably find yourself all eyes on you and you will not be able to do anything to prevent this from happening.

But how can we wear it now that we are in the heart of the summer? Here are 5 fuchsia summer items that may be right for you.

5 fuchsia summer garments

When we talk about fuchsia a question arises: how can we wear it? The first thing to say is that yes, the total look is also allowed. In this case, however, a piece of advice is a must: you should prefer a basic, minimal, essential design so as not to fall into excess.

Of course you can also think about wearing it so from create the so-called color block, therefore choosing complementary colors, or you could opt for a contrast with very light colors (such as white), or very dark (such as black).

In any case, here are 5 summer fuchsia garments that may be right for you.

And if you are a fan of the ’60s hippie trend, which has recently come back into fashion, here are 5 cheap items that can be for you.

Dress with belt

Light, fresh, trendy, this is an extremely versatile garment, which we can transform into whatever we want.

fuchsia summer garments

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This dress with belt at the waist – which you can buy on Shein for only 9 euros – can accompany you during a dinner, but also during an afternoon aperitif.

In the first case, you could match it with golden sandals with stiletto heel and ankle strap and a coordinated minibag, in the second you can wear flat slave sandals and a medium-sized bag of the same color instead. Either way you will be glamorous.

Top with rolled up sleeves

Very useful to go out during the day even on the hottest days, here is a garment that can accompany us throughout the summer.

Trendy fuchsia top

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You can have it simply by going to Shein and buying it with only 6 euros and you can wear it whenever you want to have a sporty allure, but not too much.

Wear it with jeans shorts for example, or all white, typically summer and sneakers and you’ll be ready to go out.

High-waisted mini skirt

The high-waisted miniskirt is what it takes to be sexy – chic at the right point. You will not be totally casual, but you will never be exclusively elegant: you will be refined, glamorous, feminine to the max.

Summer fuchsia mini skirt

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You can find this garment on Shein for only 8 euros and you just need to combine it with a white crop top, perhaps knitted (in line with the latest trends of the season) and flat basic sandals and the game will be done.

Crop top with bare shoulders

Sexy to the nth degree, a crisscross crop top, with bare shoulders is what it takes to face the summer evenings.

Glamorous off the shoulder top

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We can wear this garment – which you can find on Shein for only 8 euros – to go to a party for example.

Complete the look a midi skirt and slave sandals with stiletto heels. Alternatively, you can also opt for flared jeans, or even palazzo trousers, to create harmonic disharmonies in size between the upper and lower part of the outfit. In short, indulge yourself as you think.

Cross skirt

A long skirt, but not too long, crossed forwards thus leaving a non-lateral slit. If we had to describe sensuality there would be no better example.

fuchsia summer garments

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We can wear this skirt – available on Shein for only 13 euros – in the evening, for example, with a crop top and sandals with stiletto heels.

What color to choose? We can opt for a total fuchsia net of accessories, that could be tinged with silver and give a touch of light as well.

But if you don’t love this nuance so much that you sprinkle it from head to toe, you can also create a chromatic detachment by choosing a white, typically summery crop top.

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