Full body detox diet: cleanse and lose weight in 9 steps

Full body detox diet: cleanse and lose weight in 9 steps

A few simple tricks to support the toxin elimination processes

Vitamin E, the foods that contain it and what happens if you are deficient

The full body detox diet is an approach to nutrition that allows for an overall improvement of the body's detoxification system which, basically, works very well thanks to the efficiency of the liver, lungs and digestive system. Not to be forgotten in this regard is also the role of the skin and lungs.

To help the body manage the process of eliminating toxins even better, various measures can be taken when sitting at the table. These include the importance of moderating alcohol intake.

As evidenced by several studies – among which it is possible to cite a research work published in 2015 and conducted by an active team at the Hallym University College of Medicine in Chuncheon in South Korea – the suffering of the liver caused by the excess of alcohol can, in the long run, cause hepatic fibrosis, a condition that is characterized by an excessive accumulation of connective tissue in the liver and which is certainly not conducive to its functioning.

Another crucial step to take when aiming to support the body in detoxification processes is attention to the quality of sleep. If, due to stress or other factors, you put yourself in conditions of sleep deprivation, the processes that oversee the disposal of toxins are also affected.

A study conducted at the University of Rochester Medical Center also thought of the importance of sleep in this regard. This scientific work has emphasized the role of sleep in the removal of potentially neurotoxic waste products.

When aiming for a full body detox diet, you obviously need to constantly hydrate. In fact, water is essential for the removal of waste products. Another very useful trick to support the detox mechanisms of the body involves reducing the intake of sugars and industrially processed foods.

We could go on and on to list the useful moves to make the full body detox diet a reality. The fifth that we list involves making room for foods rich in antioxidants. Nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and lycopene – just to name a few of the many alternatives – help our body fight oxidative stress caused by the accumulation of free radicals and other toxins.

Relevant advice in this regard concerns the fact of taking these nutrients from food and reserving the intake of supplements only for cases of deficiency identified by the attending physician. As for the foods that can be brought to the table to fill up on supplements, we find cocoa, fruit, vegetables, green tea.

Antioxidants are important in helping the body to eliminate toxins better, but we must not forget the prebiotics, allies of intestinal health. Among the foods that contain them we find artichokes, bananas and asparagus.

Seventh – and to say the least important – move to give a valid aid to the body in detoxification processes involves the fact of decreasing the intake of salt, a measure favorable to the fight against water retention.

As we have seen in the previous lines, the full body detox diet should be understood as a lifestyle rather than an exclusive focus on the table. In fact, it is no coincidence that, to optimize the processes of eliminating toxins, physical exercise is prodigious (if you are not very used to practicing it, 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity are enough).

Let's conclude by making a quick reference to foods rich in sulfur – e.g. garlic and onion – which, as recalled by a study conducted at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria and published in 2008, can help reduce the nephrotoxicity induced by oxidative stress (results obtained on animal models). The suggestions listed should obviously be implemented only after consulting your doctor.

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