Full gag: the reverse crunch

Full gag: the reverse crunch

Reverse crunch: buttocks and legs are important, but the abs also play a fundamental role, here's how to perform a perfect workout

The reverse crunch is a particularly effective exercise to get a flat stomach and improve the effort that is performed through the back. Training your buttocks or legs is not as easy as it may seem, but through simple exercises it is possible to obtain optimal results. Getting a flat stomach is even more difficult, therefore you should never underestimate the importance of your abs. Even these muscles in fact need the right training and here it will be possible to get a flat stomach with sculpted abs. Buttocks, legs and abs are therefore part of the GAG ​​program, or a path that allows you to quickly regain your physical shape to always feel fit. In this way it will be possible to face the dreaded bikini test with less fear and more naturalness. On the other hand, it is important to feel good about yourself and it takes very little to be satisfied with your body when looking in the mirror. Laziness and sedentary life are among the first bad habits that many cannot give up. But a few minutes a day of exercises are enough to feel regenerated and change your lifestyle.

A healthy and balanced diet is a main factor for enjoying excellent health and staying fit, but to get a flat stomach you also need to work a lot on your abs. It is in fact a very important part of the body. In addition, training your abs can have numerous positive effects. First of all, it is possible to eliminate the accumulation of fat that tends to settle in this area, giving life to the annoying "bacon" and love handles. Not only that, the abdominals also play a fundamental role with regard to posture. When these muscles are perfectly trained, posture improves, also promoting greater well-being for the back, which usually faces numerous complications and pains due to incorrect positions. The abdominals therefore guarantee a protective action for the back, or a very important part of the human body. There are many people who suffer from back pain, since from an early age they assume bad habits at the level of posture and when you reach adulthood, here are the first ailments.

All that remains is to put effort into training your abs and promoting maximum well-being to your back. Crunch is a particularly effective exercise to get a flat stomach in a short time and always be fit with a few minutes of training a day. To perform the crunch you need to lie down with your legs bent and your feet resting on the surface. In this position you have to bring your hands behind your neck, making sure that your elbows are not tight. During this phase one must be careful not to press the hands on the neck, rather one must concentrate to keep the shoulders in close contact with the floor. It is recommended to do this exercise 3 times for 30 reps. Between one repetition and another, you can take a break of about 20 seconds. Now all that remains is to perform the reverse crunch, which is essential for the correct training of the abdominal muscles. In a short time and with the right consistency it will be possible to have a perfect belly and sculpted abs.

To perform the reverse crunch you need to lie down and once you have assumed this prone position, you have to stretch your arms at your sides, while at the same time bringing your legs upwards. You have to maintain this position, trying to form a 90 ° angle. During this phase always make sure to maintain the right balance with the shoulders and the back, which must be in close contact with the surface. Once this movement has been carried out, it is possible to bring the legs back to the floor, bringing them back to the initial position. We recommend performing this workout for 3 sets of 15 reps. Between one exercise and another, take a break of about 20 seconds to recover energy. Performing this exercise regularly will not only improve posture, but also relieve back discomfort. In addition, the right constancy will reward you with perfect abs, legs and buttocks, as the potential of the reverse crunch is precisely to tone up all the muscles in a complete and effective way. Finally, to obtain the desired results in a short time, it is recommended to associate a correct diet with physical activity. In this way you can finally say goodbye to the dreaded "bacon". Taking on the costume test will no longer be a problem.

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