Full volume lips! Tips and products for a 100% natural result

Is it possible to have fuller, fuller lips without surgery? The answer is yes and to do so just follow a few small tips to enlarge them naturally.

How to enlarge your lips naturally: products and tipsThose with thin mouths are probably often looking for natural ways to enlarge their lips. If you do not want to resort to something definitive, or almost, it is possible instead to find solutions that, even only temporarily, allow you to make the lips more turgid and plump.

Cinnamon, makeup, lipgloss and more: we tried to collect the best tips to give volume to thin lips without using fillers or the like.


  • Lip scrub
  • Lip serum
  • Moisturize
  • With makeup
    • Overlining
  • Nuances
  • Gloss volumizzante
  • Lip plumper
  • Exercises

Lip scrub

Did you know that mechanically scrubbing the lips is the best way to make a small massage thus making them more voluminous? This step, which is good to be carried out thoroughly once a week, you can use it (in a lighter form) even before applying the lipstick. The grains of the exfoliant will stimulate the mucosa just like a massage and will bring more blood to the surface, improving the volume of the lips themselves.

SkinLabo lip scrub

SkinLabo – lip scrub

With brown sugar, shea butter, beeswax and almond oil: this lip scrub not only eliminates superficial dead cells, but thanks to the mechanical action it allows to tone the lips by stimulating their circulation. Ideal for a velvety, smooth effect and to emphasize the natural color of the mouth.

Lip serum

Just like the face serum, the lip serum is an infusion of properties that increase the power of lip creams and balms. For this reason it is good to add a serum dedicated to the lips to the beauty and skincare routine of every day. Usually based on collagen, this type of product stimulates its production allowing it to fill wrinkles and those small folds which, very often, determine a decrease in volume and also the first signs of premature aging.

Catrice youth lip serum

Catrice – youth plumping lip serum

A super effective formula consisting of 3% vegan collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E. To be used daily, with its light and non-sticky texture, it will visibly reduce the fine lines of the lips, providing hydration and volume.


Remembering to moisturize your lips is the first step to a healthy, healthy mouth and it’s even more important if you want to get more volume. For this reason it is good to always have a good lip balm on hand and, in case of extreme dryness, it is better to add an extra step such as a lip mask.

To do this you can buy an ad hoc product, both in cream and in patches, or add an extra layer of lip butter and leave it on for a few hours or even overnight.

Nuxe Very rose lip balm

Nuxe – Very rose lip balm

A melting texture and a delicate vanilla fragrance, this lip butter is enriched with the oily extract of Rosa Centifolia petals. A precious ingredient that allows you to deeply hydrate even the driest lips, soothing and regenerating them.

With makeup

Among the most immediate methods to enlarge the lips naturally it is impossible not to mention makeup. The use of colors, textures and shades can in fact help create an optical effect that will recreate more voluminous and fleshy lips. To do this you can use different techniques such as, for example, overlining and more.


Chiara Ferragni, Jennifer Lopez and more: the stars from all over the world, or rather their make-up artists, have established that overlining is the technique to follow to enlarge the lips. Perfect for those with thin lips or for those with less pronounced upper lips, this make-up technique consists of enlarging the lip contour thanks to the use of a lip pencil.

The advice is to choose a nude lip pencil of a color very similar to your lips and draw the outline coming out of about a millimeter and, arrived at the cupid’s bow, it is possible to make the outline more linear by slightly straightening the outline. Be careful, however, not to overdo the edge and remember to carefully blend the pencil inwards to make everything more natural and add a three-dimensional effect.

Then fill the lips with a lipstick very similar to the color of the pencil and, if you want to add volume, even a little gloss to make the light reflect and increase the final optical effect.

PIXI- Lip Contour Liner

PIXI- Lip Contour Liner in Soft Nude

Perfect for overlining, this automatic pencil in nude shades will allow you to better outline the lip contour and, the ingredients inside it, are a valid help to volumize the mouth itself. The plus is the possibility of not having to sharpen the lead pencil, but always having it thin and ready for application.


Another make-up technique to use to add volume to the lips is to use two different shades for the same lip make-up. After having outlined the lip contour and filled the lips with a full color lipstick, nude or not, and then apply a lighter one – but of the same tone – only in the central part. Then go to blend the color and tap it in order to better blend the two lipsticks for a more natural but turgid result.

Kiko Milano Lasting Matte Veil Liquid Lip Colour

Kiko Milano Lasting Matte Veil Liquid Lip Color in 05 (right) 03 (left)

Matte and long-wearing lipsticks are perfect for creating the volumizing and shade-based make-up technique. This lipstick combo, long-lasting, waterproof and with a precision applicator, will fill the lips with an intense and vibrant color while giving volume at the same time.

Gloss volumizzante

With cinnamon, mint or chilli: these are the magical ingredients of volumizing glosses. These lip glosses, colored or not, contain slightly stinging ingredients which, once applied, will make the lips more plump. Just apply it and resist the slight tingling that will be naturally triggered to see the lips increase in volume in a totally natural way.

Astra Glossy Spicy Plumper

Astra Glossy Spicy Plumper

A set of selected ingredients that stimulate the microcirculation creates a very light and temporary tingling sensation accompanied by an evident increase in the volume of the lips. All thanks to the ginger extract and African chili resin oil which are responsible for the plumping effect. Furthermore, the amino acid complex contained within it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid, ensuring a prolonged plumping effect on the lips.

Lip plumper

Did you know that there are also mechanical methods to give volume to the lips in a natural way? It’s called Lip plumper, and just like the name implies, it’s a little lip pump. Usually made of silicone, it must be used before applying the lipstick or lipgloss and, for an optimal result, simply place it on the lips and apply small pressures on the outside to start the pump.

In this way a slight vacuum will be created which will bring the blood flow to the surface giving more volume and turgor to the lips. Attention, however, must be used with extreme caution and without exaggerating because, otherwise, it could lead to the breaking of the capillaries and a consequent redness of the area for a shorter or longer period.

plumper lips

Lip plumper

Made of PVC and silicone, this lip plumper allows you to give volume to the lips, separately or together, giving a fuller, thicker and better look. a little lip enhancement exercise that will only take a few minutes, while the effect can last up to two hours.


The workout is good for the body, but it can also be very useful for the lips. To be done every day, these exercises for the mouth can help to make the contours more uniform and well defined, thus making the mucosa more turgid and full, thus naturally increasing the volume.

  • Position your lips as if you were going to give a kiss and push them outwards. Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat 10 times.
  • Simulate a smile with closed lips and teeth, spread as much as you can and hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • For 60 seconds, alternate between kissing and smiling, and after a 30-second pause, do the exercise again for another minute.
  • Put your lips in the kissing position and, after 10 seconds, pull them back, hiding them completely. Repeat this for 120 seconds.

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