Funeral of Prince Philip: signs of thaw between Harry and William. The Queen's pain

Funeral of Prince Philip: signs of thaw between Harry and William. The Queen's pain

The two Princes paraded behind the coffin of their grandfather impassive: among them cousin Peter Philips

Funeral of Prince Philip, the Royal Family dressed in mourning

In the end it all went as Prince Philip had asked, although he certainly didn't want his death to happen at such a difficult time for the family. The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh could have been an opportunity to bring Prince William and Harry closer together, but this was not the case, at least judging by the images that saw them walking behind the Land Rover that carried the coffin.

The children of Lady Diana did not even look at each other, they participated in the procession as expected, in the same row, separated from their cousin Peter Philips, son of Princess Anne, without ever giving the idea of ​​wanting to show a sign of giving up , step back.

Images in stark contrast to those that saw them united in pain for the loss of their mother, in that 1997 procession that is still vivid in everyone's mind.

Not a good sign, initially, for those hoping for a reconciliation between the two brothers, for which we will have to wait a little longer.

A distance, that between Harry and the Royal Family, which became evident even once the funeral began, inside the ceppella: the Prinicipe was at the end of a row of seats, far from his cousins ​​due to the anti-Covid provisions. But he appeared more alone than ever.

Philip, however, may have managed, despite his absence, to be the peacemaker. In fact, upon leaving the function, Harry first approached Kate, and then walked next to William. A certain coldness was evident, the days when the two brothers jostled or joked are long gone. Or again, as on the day of the wedding of the Duke of Cambridge to Kate, they force each other. Now they are two men with their differences of opinion trying to save their relationship. And the one seen at the end of the funeral could be the first step.

The ceremony, as mentioned, took place exactly as planned, that is, as Prince Philip had described in every detail, from the Land Rover that he himself had designed to the songs, from the type of rite (deliberately not of state) to the memorabilia.

What aroused greater dismay in the subjects, however, was the image of Queen Elizabeth entering the chapel of St. George, accompanied by the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: Her Majesty gave the idea of ​​being vulnerable, she seemed more hunched and showed, perhaps for the first time, all his age. Her gaze, always imperturbable, this time seemed dull, turned downwards: the thought of that husband who has been close to her for over 70 years, always a step backwards, without ever letting her lack his support.

Kate Middleton and Camilla did not take part in the procession, but waited for the monarch outside the porch of the chapel. The Duchess of Cambridge, very elegant in her black dress and string of pearls, appeared particularly distressed, but as always she managed to maintain the required demeanor.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle through her spokesperson made it known that she would have watched the ceremony on television and that she had entrusted her husband Harry with a handwritten note to be affixed to the wreath with which the couple paid homage to Prince Philip. A gesture demonstrating the good relationship that bound the Duchess of Sussex to her grandfather in law, who knew well what it meant to feel like a stranger in the family, since for a long time it was he who had to integrate into the complicated court system.

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