Fur, a fashion criticized but irresistible for many women

Fur, a fashion criticized but irresistible for many women

Enimalists hate them, but for those who love them, furs are a real object of desire

Either you love it, or you hate it. There are no half measures. We are obviously talking about fur, a typically winter garment that for centuries has been the protagonist of the female wardrobe, but not only. And that in recent years has seen women split into two categories: those that would never give up owning one, or even more than one, and those that willingly do without in the name of their love for animals. So while on the one hand Simona Ventura chooses her for everyday life, on the other hand Eva Mendez willingly does without the cry of: better naked than with a fur coat on. On his own footsteps Alicia Silverstone, Christina Applegate, Christy Turlington and Pamela Anderson. But for those who just can't give up this garment, here's what will be in fashion next fall / winter.

Simonetta Ravizza's catwalk is dominated by a new idea of ​​fur seen as accessible luxury that becomes an accessory, even through small pieces, vests, shawls, stoles, small collars to wear to personalize your look. Hence the idea of ​​fancy quilts or chinchilla gilets, Superga with colored lapin or sable caban. All with colors like turquoise, orange, fuchsia and purple.

The Russian revolution and lightness dominate the 2008-2009 fall / winter collection presented by Thes & Thes by designer Thes Tziveli, which brought runway pieces inspired by the 70s and the figure of Lara Antipov, heroine of Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. Here then we can see shaved minks up to the impalpable consistency of the noblest filat, revolutionary overcoats of grooved leathers like striped velvets, mink feathers that outline coats and capes, hats with mink visors and wool gloves from the Russian Army. Colors? All natural steppe. Dark blue, purple and black illuminated by frosty silver.

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