Fur coats, kirzachis and seals: 15 main trends from Men’s Fashion Week

Fur coats, kirzachis and seals: 15 main trends from Men's Fashion Week

Voluminous fur coat

Brands from Louis Vuitton to Woolrich did not ignore the Slavic bimbo trend, which went viral on TikTok at the end of 2023: girls all over the world dressed up in fur coats and fur hats and recorded lip-syncs to Katya Lel’s song “My Marmalade (I’m Wrong).” Now guys are offered to wear fur coats, and they are as voluminous, long and natural as possible, so that you can wear something light under them – for example, a pajama suit, “work” overalls or even Bermuda shorts.


It’s not that sheepskin coats are an unusual story for the cold weather, but they have difficulty taking root in the wardrobes of European men, losing out to coats and jackets. Perhaps this will change next season, as there were more shearling coats on the catwalk than ever before, from classic leather ones with contrasting shearling trim to experimental wool ones in a dusty pink hue.

Printed suit

The second attempt at printed suits, which have not yet met with unanimous enthusiasm from men. The candidate from Ami is a checkered suit with an optical illusion, from Amiri – with a printed pattern, from Gucci – with the brand’s monogram, and from Louis Vuitton – with pixels, already the signature pattern of the new creative director of the men’s line, Pharrell Williams. The cut of the suit remains restrained in order to make the image stylish and not shocking. Shirt, shoes and accessories too.

Lapels up

The jacket is the main object for experimentation: brands are constantly trying to change the perception of the classics, turning to deconstruction, upcycling and other techniques. This time they barely touch the silhouette, but suggest wearing the jacket differently – for example, by raising one lapel and placing it under the other. We see a similar technique at Dior, Dries Van Noten and Emporio Armani, and other brands offer to do the same with coats.

Leather pants

After an episode of Friends in which Ross Geller was caught in leather trousers on a date with a girl, the wardrobe item lost all credibility – too tight, too hot, too risqué. But fashion doesn’t give up – and now leather trousers are everywhere again. Only now they are more free (and therefore ventilated) in order to avoid incidents and worries about their appearance.

Second life of a tie

During the pandemic and the mass transition to remote work, the death of the white shirt and ties was predicted – as was the entire office dress code. But a couple of years later, the opposite effect occurred – ties burst into women’s and men’s everyday wardrobes, where they are now worn not only with suits, but also with jeans, hoodies and bomber jackets.