Fussy eating syndrome: when your child eats few things

Fussy eating syndrome: when your child eats few things

Does your child refuse to taste new dishes and eat a few things? You may suffer from fussy eating syndrome

It's called fussy eating syndrome and indicates the tendency of some children to eat a few selected things, refusing to try new dishes.

This is a still little known problem, defined by many different terms, ranging from fussy eating to picky eating, up to choosing eating and faddy eating. In all cases the symptoms are similar: the child consumes only a small number of foods and categorically refuses to taste something new.

Most of the time, white foods end up on the table, such as pasta with Parmesan and oil, bread and sole. The foods allowed by the child are very few and most often show little interest in nutrition, appear sluggish and immediately claim to feel full.

Until two years neophobia (ie the rejection of new foods) is considered natural in children, who begin to explore the world of food and to deal with new colors, flavors and textures. Once this age is over, however, the problem can become pathological, which is why it is essential to capture the signals and run for cover. In fact, the risk of food shortages and delays in growth is real.

In fact, mothers often experience this situation negatively and try to offer different small recipes. This is a wrong attitude that risks turning the meal into a moment of tension, causing a waste of energy. Better to use a few little tricks to help the child gradually experiment with new flavors without stress and anxiety.

An example? If your child wants to eat only white pasta, you can serve the sauce separately, preferably with vegetables, such as peas or zucchini. Try also to involve the children in the preparation of the recipes, making them touch the food and showing the various steps, from the raw to the cooked. This will lead them to taste the dishes and discover new flavors in a natural way.

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