Gabriel Garko, his truth about coming out: "You don't mess with people's lives"

Gabriel Garko

In a long interview, Gabriel Garko returns to talk about his coming out and the difficulties encountered

Gabriel Garko, all his loves (real or fictional)

Gabriel Garko has decided not to hide anymore, to bring his true self to light. He decided this months ago, when he courageously revealed his "Pulcinella secret" between the lines, and since that moment his life has changed. But in his life he has had to face difficult moments, which occasionally come back to visit him again.

Before publicly declaring his homosexuality, the actor had given us a touching moment of television: a guest in the House of Big Brother Vip, he had read in front of the cameras a long and moving letter addressed to his ex-girlfriend Adua Del Vesco, hinting clearly what his truth was and freeing himself from an enormous burden that he had carried around all his life. However, his words had been archived by Massimo Giletti, host of Non è l'Arena, as one of the many events of a not exactly fortunate period.

And it is precisely from here that Gabriel Garko wants to start, in returning to talk about his coming out in a long interview with the weekly Chi: "It left me dismayed because in a period like this, where the Zan bill against the 'homotransphobia, words make the difference “. The actor faced with great willpower the possible repercussions of what he himself had declared publicly, and received a wonderful surprise: "My coming out has only improved my life" – he explained.

“The next day I was afraid to leave the house. I felt naked. Instead I was greeted by a warmth never felt before "- continued Garko, explaining how fundamental the support of those around him was for him -" There are people who still thank me for having given them the strength and courage to replicating my path and something else that, from that moment on, appreciates me even more “. But the actor also wanted to launch an important message, leveraging his personal experience to give us a great lesson.

"You don't mess with people's lives" – he declared – "But now I'm getting the callus: over the years I have been given a second-class actor, a 'little girl', a remade, a gay for convenience. It is well established that my character is always seen in a different way and I notice it every time I meet someone. The phrase: 'I used to make you different' is now a classic ". Fortunately, his life took a different turn. And today, looking to the future with his head held high, he can reveal: "The clichés that a homosexual actor stops working have no more reason to exist".

In fact, Garko is already ready for a new international production that will see him alongside Hollywood stars of the caliber of Nicolas Cage and John Malkovich. A real checkmate against the prejudices that have always crowded his life.

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