Gabriel Garko involved in a scam: the appeal on Instagram

Gabriel Garko has been involved in a scam and is unleashed on Instagram

The gossip was not enough, in these days Gabriel Garko found himself involved in a scam that saw him, despite himself, as the protagonist. To announce it was the actor who wanted to shed light on Instagram, warning fans.

In recent days the actor had moved away from the social media, perhaps to escape the gossip that haunted him for several weeks now. Faith sprung on the hand and immortalized by the photographers of Chi, has not gone unnoticed. The rumors about the wedding were joined by those on the relationship with Gabriele Rossi, who for some time seems to have a special bond with the actor.

A guest of Domenica In from Mara Venier, Garko tried to shed light, but he also reiterated his desire to keep his love life private. A purpose that he respected leaving Instagram for a few days. In these hours, however, the king of fiction has returned to publish on his profile for a very important reason.

Gabriel has revealed that on social media there are some people who pretend to be him. This is a very common scam that often involves the characters of the show. The plaintiff explained that the profile in question would not merely pretend to be Gabriel Garko, but he would also borrow money. An attitude that prompted the artist to act, warning all fans of strange economic demands.

"Hello everyone – reads the message posted by Garko -, I was informed by several people that there is someone who pretends to be me, even asking for money on loan. I would like to inform you that in addition to this profile that I personally manage, I do not use any other – he added – whoever decides to respond to other profiles with my name as well as this one, is free to do so, knowing that I am not behind. One of these that I will block is gabrielgarko_official.1 That .1 is too many. "

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