Gabriel Garko, silence on Instagram. But you dig in the past

Gabriel Garko is silent on Instagram after declarations to Mara Venier on Gabriele Rossi. The gossip takes the relationship with Serena Autieri back from the past

Gabriel Garko was eclipsed after the interview of Mara Venier on Domenica In in which, with great style, he called Gabriele Rossi a special friend, stating that he had not married.

The actor is very jealous of his private life and did not want to make further statements about the rumors that lately are tormenting him about his love life. For this reason, after his hosting in the famous Rai Uno Sunday broadcast he did not want to make further comments.

His Instagram page is stuck at the weekend where he was meeting with many fans in Zia Mara's living room. Then nothing more, not even in the Stories.

Even Gabriele Rossi is silent on social media. He didn't even reply to Garko's words from Venier. To speak instead was Eva Grimaldi, ex of Gabriel. He did it to Italian Stories and only to underline his support for the actor by fully sharing his discretion. The actor for another was a wedding witness at the wedding of Eva Grimaldi and Imma Battaglia.

But meanwhile the gossip works and digs among the past loves of the actor. Thus comes the name of Serena Autieri, the Neapolitan actress with whom she had a "hot" love story.

Some time ago Garko told Signorini: "With Serena it was a beautiful story, very fiery and passionate as she is. It was a really good story, but now she found the man of her life and got married. He invited me to the wedding, but I couldn't go because I worked. I still feel with his mother, he has a wonderful family ”.

According to rumors of Velvet Gossip, the two would have left each other for incompatibility of character.

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