Gabriel Garko to Verissimo to tell the truth: Francesca Barra's criticism on Instagram


Gabriel Garko told his truth to Verissimo, but journalist Francesca Barra would like him to apologize to the fans

Gabriel Garko, all his loves (real or fictional)

Gabriel Garko has finally opened his heart by telling about his private life, yet the criticisms have not been lacking: after his coming out to Big Brother Vip, which in general has been appreciated, many reproaches have also arrived. Among the many celebrities who reacted to the news, the observation of Francesca Barra, a RAI journalist, appears.
In particular, Francesca posted her thoughts on the whole situation on Twitter, disputing how much the actor was not clear with the public.

I'm sorry for Garko because it mustn't have been easy to stifle the truth for so long and I'm happy for his "release"! But I hope it's the end of a tendency to deceive the public, perhaps taking tokens or money for fake services.

The journalist then returned to the subject on Instagram, shortly before the airing of Gabriel's interview with Verissimo, with a long post that explores how Garko would have taken compensation by declaring the false, referring in particular to his latest relationship (revealed facade) with Adua Del Vesco, participant in the new edition of GF Vip.

And speaking of fiction, since I was in the studio at Chiambretti's when he is ADUA they staged a little theater about marriage, I would like to say that since there are those who make money from making fun of the public (they do not do it under blackmail or with a knife in the throat or working in the mine), it would be interesting to apologize for that DIRTY money because it is stained with lies behind the fans and those who believe in them and in love stories. Not for those he takes today, in the places and programs where he finally tells the truth and does his job: Or showman.

Important words are those of Francesca, who has always expressed herself outspoken on her social networks; subsequently, the journalist wanted to emphasize that she felt empathy for Gabriel and his suffering for having been discriminated against, but according to Barra the situation had to be handled in another way, primarily by the media.

Anyone who has become an accomplice of the "everyone knew" and have equally lent space, just to make cash, monetize, bring home something like audience and money. A journalist must tell the truth. Otherwise, what difference is there between the alleged fake marriage of Pamela Prati and the media court and this case?

We don't know yet if Gabriel will ever respond to these criticisms, but surely now he is a man free to live his love without any reservations. In this regard, the actor with a shy smile confessed to Verissimo that he was dating a new boy and did not want to say too much about it, almost out of luck. Furthermore, he did not rule out wanting to become a father in the future: “If I were to have a child, I would like someone close to me. I would love to ”.

Francesca Barra Instagram

Francesca Barra criticizes Gabriel Garko – Source: Instagram

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