Gag: trains legs, abdomen and buttocks with the fitball – Video

You can use it to train, improve flexibility and balance. It is the fitball, a tool used both in the field of fitness and in that of rehabilitation, the protagonist of the program Fitball Workout that Silvia Mazzonipersonal trainer of New Gym by Marconi in Segrate (Milan), he shows you in the video: “Aimed at toning the legs, abdomen, buttocks, this workout also features some exercises that involve the upper part of the body, especially the shoulders”, explains the expert. Which underlines how this is a training accessible to all (it has a low cardiovascular impact and does not have hops) and you can try it wherever you want: “At home, in the gym or even in the open air“.

The workout

The program shown by the trainer includes 12 exercises to be performed each for half a minute using, in fact, a fitball, which «must be swollen but not oversizedotherwise hold it in your hands or place your back on it it may be uncomfortable. Also, if you wish, you can take off your shoesto have greater comfort during movements that require the feet to rest on the tool », adds Silvia Mazzoni.

You can repeat the workout even every day, performing as many sets as you can handle. To conclude: «Since the muscles affected by the program are mainly legs, buttocks and abdomen, the ideal would be to combine it with a training dedicated to the upper area».

Watch the video!