Gallbladder stones: why they form and what needs to be done

Gallbladder stones: why they form and what needs to be done

Obesity and a diet rich in cholesterol are among the risk factors in stone formation. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains what to do

Why are gallbladder stones created? To answer this question, one must first understand what bile is. The latter is a liquid produced by the liver which serves to promote digestion and absorption of dietary fats in the intestine. About half a liter is produced per day and its chemical composition is very complex.

What is bile for

For 80% of bile is made up of water, inside it can be found cholesterol, phospholipids, bile acids and other substances. Bile accumulates in the gallbladder or gallbladder. During the meal, the body produces a hormone called cholecystokinin. This stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder. The bile is thus pushed into the intestine where it mixes with food, allowing complete absorption of the fats present. In addition, toxic or otherwise superfluous substances for the body are eliminated through the bile.

Why calculations are formed

At this point we try to answer the initial question: why can calculations be formed? It all depends on the concentration of bile-forming substances. As long as a certain concentration is not exceeded, the bile remains liquid, otherwise it progressively becomes denser and denser. Or the less the substances in the bile are soluble, the greater the risk of stone formation.

There are various situations capable of altering the percentage ratios of the various constituents of bile, causing some of them to precipitate, with the consequent possible formation of stones. Obesity, for example, so watch out for extra pounds. Women are at greater risk, so female sex can also be a factor to some extent. But above all, pay attention to the table: a diet excessively rich in lipids and cholesterol, as well as a strictly low-calorie diet can favor the appearance of a denser bile and therefore increase the possibility of stone formation. Finally, pregnancy and infections of the biliary tract affect. Certainly there is a certain family predisposition.

What to do

About 80% of gallstones are otherwise made up of cholesterol. The remaining 20% ​​consist mainly of bilirubin, a substance that derives from the destruction of red blood cells.

What needs to be done when calculations are formed? Generally these tend to become larger in volume and can form a single large stone or small formations. And so symptoms can appear, although their discovery can sometimes happen randomly.

The doctor is the person to always refer to for the treatment of each individual case: this is the advice we give you.

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