Game of Games: Simona Ventura is a hurricane, Hilarious cool with Elettra

Simona Ventura

The volcanic Simona Ventura made her debut with the first episode of "Game of Games", full of fun games and hilarious moments

Simona Ventura in shape with Giovanni Terzi

The curtain has risen on the very first episode of Game of Games – Gioco Loco, the new game show that animates the first evening of Rai 2 which saw the return on TV of the beloved Simona Ventura. The national Super Simo has taken the reins of a nice novelty in the Italian television schedule, a format created by Ellen DeGeneres and already very successful in the USA and other countries of the world.

Energetic and volcanic as always, the Ventura from the very first minutes of the program was a true force of nature immersed in the brand new studio, with attention to the smallest details. Airy and spacious, with settings that are very reminiscent of amusement parks full of games, rides and lights. The presenter made a crackling entrance among dozens of large balloons bouncing here and there, choosing among other things a chic look but suited to the frenetic pace of the game show.

Simona Ventura appeared splendid in a blue suit with some details that have definitely made the difference. As a counterpoint to the simplicity of the white t-shirt worn under the jacket, the glitter decorations on the collar but above all a large and sparkling "SIMO" embroidered close to the right pocket. In short, from Super Simo we could not have expected anything but a unique start in every sense, also with regard to the outfit.

The presenter has definitively left behind the bad period she experienced due to Covid-19, with concern for her loved ones and for her beloved companion Giovanni Terzi, who was also affected by the virus. Super Simo had to put her life on pause but also all her work projects, but she is back in charge and in great shape.

The beloved Super Simo wasted no time and the game immediately got to the heart, with increasingly difficult tests that put a strain on the knowledge, but above all the skills of the VIPs in the race. Yes, because in Game of Games each competitor chooses a VIP as his "champion", sending him into the fray in his place. This debut episode of the game show saw the participation of Raffaella Fico, Max Giusti, Elettra Lamborghini, Ignazio Moser, Massimiliano Rosolino and Nicola Ventola.

And of all these VIPs, the splendid Raffaella Fico and Elettra Lamborghini did not go unnoticed, competing against each other in several rounds. The "power girls", as Super Simo dubbed them, stood out for their undisputed and irrepressible beauty, but above all for their sympathy and irony. The two volcanic guests even had a test inspired by "The time of apples". What can I say, for Simona Ventura it was a start with a bang!

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