Game of Games: Ventura unstoppable, but the holographic look does not convince

Simona Ventura

Second appointment for 'Game of Games'. The Ventura, with its enthusiasm, is unstoppable, but something about its look does not convince

Simona Ventura in shape with Giovanni Terzi

Second crackling episode for Game of Games – Gioco Loco, Rai Due show hosted by the wild Simona Ventura. Hilarious and cheerful, the program aims to guarantee viewers a light and pleasant evening full of challenges with a high level of fun.

And with Simona Ventura at the helm, the goal is within reach. The presenter is in fact ready to replicate the success of the first episode of the show, which presents a format created by Ellen Degeneris and reproduced, with excellent results, in various countries around the world. With great energy, he thus made his entrance dancing and welcoming his guests and competitors, immediately creating a light and cheerful atmosphere.

If on the first date, Super-Simo showed off a very chic look, with an elegant blue suit with bright details that reflect his personality, this time he wanted to opt for something sparkling and amazing. Holographic trousers and a gold-colored silk shirt with long bows at the ends that enlivened the outfit.

A look that undoubtedly attracts attention, but which is not completely convincing: just as the program appears chaotic, perhaps a little too much. And if the holographic effect is a touch of class, the gold of the blouse is too hot and distracts the attention from the rest of the outfit. To make us forget the mistake, the enthusiasm of Ventura, the true protagonist of the show.

Alongside the presenter, once again, many highly anticipated guests from the world of entertainment and the web: Alessio and Alessandro from The Show, YouTube stars already seen on Rai with Beijing Express, the always sunny Juliana Moreira, Omar Fantini, Sara Croce and Amaurys Perez. Everyone participated demonstrating the great desire to get involved and support the competitors during the race.

In short, between jumps, dances and laughter, Simona Ventura has shown that she is really fit and that she has recovered her energy after the bad period she has faced recently. She is, in fact, fresh from the isolation, to which she underwent after contracting Covid-19 together with her partner Giovanni Terzi. An unexpected event that not only caused her great concern, but also made her lose important job opportunities, such as participation in the 71st edition of the Sanremo Festival alongside Amadeus and Fiorello.

With Game of Games – Gioco Loco, Ventura has thus left the unpleasant experience behind and has returned to engage the public with its engaging enthusiasm and its extraordinary guests. Who will be by his side in the next episode?

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