Gas in the intestine, the beneficial effects of laurel

Gas in the intestine, the beneficial effects of laurel

How to get rid of that annoying feeling of swelling without resorting to medicines

We all tried that annoying swelling sooner or later. Here's how to get rid of excess intestinal gas thanks to the laurel leaves.

The beneficial effects of laurel have been known since ancient times. Symbol of protection and peace, it was used by Greeks and Romans to cure various diseases thanks to its antioxidant, antiseptic and digestive properties. Essential oils are enclosed in both its berries and leaves. Moreover, the presence of beneficial principles and aromatic essences is greater if the harvest takes place during the winter or the beginning of spring.

Perhaps many people do not know that it is possible to exploit this plant also to counteract that annoying feeling of swollen belly, which can be the result of an excessive presence of intestinal gas. These can derive from incorrect nutrition, as well as from periods of particular stress. The hectic life we ​​lead leads us to lose sight of a certain balance at the table, with often annoying consequences.

The laurel can come to our rescue in such cases, in a completely natural way, without having to resort to any medicine. The intestine can be defined as a second brain. This means that he suffers the effects due to his emotional state. Once you feel a sense of swelling, you can use the decoction of bay leaves. These leaves possess a strong decongestant and soothing power, capable of providing immediate relief together with boiled water and fennel seeds.

It is advisable to keep the laurel in the house in the form of dry leaves, hermetically closing them in a jar to keep in a fresh area of ​​the house and away from direct sunlight. It is easy to find them by going to any organic store. However, those who have the opportunity will be able to dedicate themselves to a collection in nature. Fennel seeds are also quite common, and can be purchased in herbal medicine. These too must be placed in a jar, perhaps in glass. Here's how to properly prepare a useful decoction:

  • Boil the leaves of the time together with the fennel seeds. The leaves should be about five for each cup to be prepared. Seeds instead 10 for each person
  • Let it boil for a few minutes, then let the mixture stand for about ten minutes
  • The container at rest must be covered
  • The decoction must be filtered, and then enjoyed as a normal herbal tea
  • Anyone wishing to soften the taste may add a teaspoon of honey
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