Gassmann on Emanuele Filiberto: "Coward like grandfather"

Gassmann on Emanuele Filiberto: "Coward like grandfather"

The actor comments on the prince's tweet (later deleted) against the partisans: "He writes 'parasitic partisans' then deletes it. Vigliacci by family tradition"

Emanuele Filiberto writes "parasitic partisans" then cancels the tweet … He throws the stone and hides his hand, like his grandfather x racial laws

With this post Alessandro Gassmann comments on the story that involved Emanuele Filiberto. The prince allegedly posted an indictment tweet against the partisans, only to then cancel it and apologize, saying he was the victim of a hacker.
But to those who point out that the Prince has denied, Gassmann replies

Cowards by family tradition

The offending tweet said:

The partisan parasites, with their 179 associations, cost the taxpayer 3 million euros

Immediate protests and insults via social media in Filiberto, who after apologizing and giving his version ("Someone entered my account and sent an article about partisans wanting to ride the diatribe on my visit to Noto! I'm sorry!") however, he pointed out to those who insulted his grandparents:

I read your tweets … I would like to remind you of the role of my grandmother during the war alongside the partisans … Studying doesn't hurt!

At that point Gassmann, after having published a photo of the aforementioned grandmother of Filiberto arm in arm with Hitler, placed a phrase taken by the "Malevolent"

In 2002, after 57 years of exile, the Savoys were finally able to return to their beloved homeland, Italy. So much loved that after 14 years none of them have yet renounced Swiss citizenship

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