Gemma Galgani's pain for the cat Piri: "I can't forget you"

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Gemma Galgani despairs on Instagram, remembering the cat Piri, who disappeared some time ago and telling her great pain

Gemma Galgani is unleashed on Instagram and once again shares her grief over the death of Piripicchio, the beloved cat. In fact, the lady of the Over Throne has never hidden that she has a visceral bond with the cat with whom she shared part of her life. The disappearance of the cat, which occurred just when the relationship with Giorgio Manetti had become more difficult, made Gemma suffer a lot, who still does not forget her four-legged friend.

The last story on Instagram is in fact dedicated to Piripicchio and his memory. Disappeared in 2016, the cat continues to be in the thoughts of the protagonist of Men and Women, who told fans his enormous pain for the loss.

"Even today as every day … I don't forget you, your memory is clear! She wrote to Piri, as she called him. I can never forget you! From up there I feel you close with your noisy silence ”. To remember the cat, Gemma chose the notes of Accanto a te, a song by Alberto Urso, winner of the latest edition of Amici.

Fortunately, the Turin lady was consoled by the fans, who commented on her words, but especially Mario. The love story with the knight known to Men and Women proceeds at full speed in spite of the predictions of Tina Cipollari and the possibility of a participation of Galgani in Temptation Island seems increasingly concrete.

According to the latest rumors, the protagonist of the Over Throne could be among the couples who will test the relationship in the VIP version of the program. If the hypothesis were confirmed, many hope to see Giorgio Manetti among the temptators. The Florentine knight and the lady lived an intense love story followed by millions of viewers and ended after a refusal of reconciliation by the man in a special episode in the early evening.

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