Gender equality passes through the support of men: so they too can support us

Gender equality passes through the support of men: so they too can support us

The gentle revolution can begin now: men start supporting your co-workers with these little attitudes

Emancipated, independent and rebellious: it is we, the great young women of this time who, despite the feminist struggles that began centuries ago, and sustained today, still find ourselves fighting against the specter of a macho and retrograde society.

Because unfortunately, gender diversity as well as inequality are not commonplace. And despite the small steps forward made so far, there is always a point where the mechanism seems to jam, at work, for example.

From a professional point of view, in fact, the great gender difference is clearly visible in the salary, but also in the roles, treatments and all those prejudices against women that have a more or less important well-defined role.

Regarding the Gender Pay Gap, according to the 2019 Report created by the JobPricing Observatory with Spring Professional, the difference in pay between men and women is 2,700 euros gross, equal to 10% more in favor of men. These values, according to Eurostat, place us in 17th place out of 24 countries for the size of the gender pay gap in the private sector.

And beyond the numbers, which can certainly be disconcerting and beyond the fact that there is still a long way to go, today we want to invite all male colleagues to take part in a small, but great, gentle revolution. to change things.

No street guerrillas or turbulent demonstrations, what we ask our colleagues is only to support us a little more through a series of behaviors that perhaps can really change things.

  • Support and inclusion. Very often, the professionals who find themselves working in male and male-dominated environments suffer real moral retaliation: they are excluded from meetings and nobody listens to their opinions, nor are they supported or invited to expose themselves. The first step for a change is to start supporting female colleagues and including them in teamwork.
  • Kindness. A word or the opening of a dialogue, even if not necessarily of a professional nature, can make the work environment much more pleasant. Dear men, also take an interest in the personal life of your colleagues, you may discover unexpected worlds.
  • Sponsorship. The invitation to male colleagues is to literally sponsor the work of women. If they have achieved success, had an intuition, or did a good job, tell all your colleagues and your boss about the excellent results.
  • Listening. Listen to your colleagues, take their issues to heart and resolve them if you can. Invite others to respect them and to consider them professionals as they are without prejudice of any kind.
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