Gentle gymnastics: what it is, benefits and exercises

Gentle gymnastics: what it is, benefits and exercises

As sweet as it is effective! Let's see the benefits together and discover the main exercises of gentle gymnastics


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  • How many times a week to do gentle gymnastics

What's this

Also known as low impact gym or soft gym fitness, in fact, gentle gymnastics is a practice consisting of very light exercises without excessive effort, which do not burden the joints too much and do not lead the heart to excess aerobic work. The exercises are gradual and targeted and still lead to excellent results in terms of muscle tone. Suitable for all categories, gentle gymnastics is an effective discipline for anyone who wants to improve posture without straining the body too much.

It consists of stretches, stretches and a final cool-down phase, often accompanied by breathing techniques and visualizations. Combined with a correct diet, gentle exercise turns out to be an important key in the path to one's health and well-being.

The benefits

The elderly, people who spend many hours in front of the computer and those who are recovering from an injury or those who are following orthopedic protocols, benefit particularly from this discipline. Even in the case of people who are really averse to exercise, gentle gymnastics is an excellent way to create a non-violent first approach to movement. Also very suitable for all women who are preparing to become mothers, as it prepares the back for the load and does not tire the body too much and helps to maintain deep contact with breathing. The risk of joint trauma is reduced and the internal organs and circulation are also benefited.

Benefits to the muscles and their tone, it also guarantees an excellent lengthening of the areas difficult to stretch. Also excellent for the bones as it helps to improve their density and prevents osteoporosis or osteopenia. It also increases the range of motion of all joints and decreases any stiffening of the spine. It greatly improves posture and consequently the management of one's mass. When the neck remains long and free and the back soft and ready, self-esteem also benefits. Keeping the chest not depressed towards the spine, rather ready upwards, and the open shoulders also acts automatically on the side of self-esteem. Concentration increases, the mind becomes clear and assiduous practice also allows you to have advantages from the point of view of efficiency at work or in other areas.

Typical exercises of gentle gymnastics

Let's see together some typical exercises of gentle gymnastics, divided by the most involved muscle groups:

Bridge for buttocks

Start on your back with your arms along your body and palms pressed against the floor. The neck does not suffer any load and the back is not forced to the ground, it maintains a neutral. The knees are spread like the shoulders and the feet are stable on the ground. Breathing in, you rise with the pelvis upwards, coming to detach your back from the ground up to the height of the dorsal area. Exhaling, you go down unrolling one vertebra after the other towards the floor. It is repeated at least 3 times up to 10 repetitions. This exercise teaches how to articulate the entire spine and strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Shoulder reinforcement

The execution remains very simple and could also be performed as a warm-up for subsequent exercises, perhaps even with weights. From standing position, feet firmly on the ground, open arms to the sides with palms facing down. Circles of the arms forward are performed for 30 seconds and then another 30 seconds in the other direction. The whole abdominal area must be kept active and the neck must not be rigid. The "brakes" that prevent excessive swing given by the arms are right in the back and abdomen. All the muscles around our joint with greater mobility, the shoulder, are activated and strengthened.

Gentle stretch for the back

Many gentle gymnastic exercises are carried out with the help of a chair or bench. This gentle unrolling allows you to soften the intervertebral space and leverage the gravitational force to let go of tensions. You sit on a chair with your legs apart and make light circular movements with your hips in both directions. Then the pubis is brought forward and the back relaxes (anterior and posterior tilt of the pelvis on a sagittal plane), as if it “rears up” with the butt and then moves forward to loosen the area relating to the square of the loins. Once the circular movements and the forward and backward movements are finished, relax the whole back downwards, letting yourself fall forward.

How many times a week to do gentle gymnastics

The beauty of gentle gymnastics lies in the fact that it can be performed on a simple mat and does not require too much space. You need to keep the right concentration and avoid getting distracted. It can also be done in small groups and at different times of the day. In the morning it allows you to gently awaken all muscle groups and prepare for the day effectively. Before lunch it allows you to arrive with the right appetite and the same if done in the afternoon or evening before dinner.

It is advisable to always get to the practice well hydrated to allow the body to perform the exercises in the best possible way without running out of water. It is perfectly fine to do it 3 or 4 times a week even in different bands. It would be great to combine it with a cardio workout to be performed at least once a week or a brisk walk that lasts at least 1 hour. You need to understand the positions and executions well so as not to carry with you errors that in the long run can affect postural balance. It is also recommended to adapt the execution of gentle gymnastics to one's dysmorphisms or paramorphisms; any imbalances and previous conditions must be taken into account in the execution of the exercises.

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