George Clooney, Amal's tender declaration and promise

George Clooney, Amal's tender declaration and promise

"I'll never do it again for the sake of our marriage," Amal's promise to George Clooney that silences rumors of divorce

George Clooney: wife Amal, ex girlfriends, career

If anyone still thinks that Amal and George Clooney are in crisis and about to divorce, they will have to change their mind after the public declaration made by Amal herself against her husband.

In connection with the International Bar Association to launch his new book, The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law, a legal theme, he wanted to thank George Clooney for the patience he had during the drafting of his text which very busy. And then he publicly promised his better half that this will be "the last book, for the sake of our marriage".

In fact, Amal joked about the length of the book and how the in-depth investigations she had to make influenced her married life. And he recognized how adorable George was with her and with how much patience he endured that she was totally absorbed in the writing of the text: "I know this work seemed endless to him, especially when I thought each draft was the last draft".

To complicate the marriage situation, the fact that while Amal was busy with her book, George was working on his latest film The Midnight Sky for which he also ended up in hospital because he lost 11 kilos in a very short time. To this we must add the concerns related to the pandemic, Clooney was concerned about his son Alexander, 3, who has asthma and could have serious consequences if he had contracted Covid. For this reason, he stayed indoors with his family for months, leaving only when strictly necessary. The couple also has a sissy, Ella, Alexander's twin.

Amal, who lets her husband speak in public more, took advantage of this media appointment to thank her George and sing his praises: "He was not only patient, but also wonderfully encouraging and stimulating". And he continued: "I didn't need another proof of how wonderful it was, but this situation proved it to me once again". To tell the truth, there is one thing that Amal can't stand about her husband: the long beard.

However, he added, turning to George: "I think he is watching this surgery downstairs in the kitchen, so I just say thank you and promise for the sake of our marriage that I will never do it again".

Amal, who is a lawyer by profession and fights for fair justice with this book, connected herself to the study of her home, a very formal environment with the walls covered with a splendid bookcase made up of ancient volumes. Clooney's wife showed up in front of the cameras with an elegant houndstooth dress, a fabric synonymous with refinement, loved by Lady Diana and recently worn by Letizia of Spain.

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