George Clooney gives 14 million to his friends and puts his balance on Amal


George Clooney, icon of the year, gives 14 million to his friends and reveals how Amal changed his life

George Clooney has just been named Icon of the Year and there is news that he gave one million each to 14 friends who helped him before he became famous. But that's not all, the actor even overbalances his wife Amal, declaring that without her life would have been empty.

So, the marriage is safe and the gossips talking about an impending divorce between George and Amal have been permanently hushed up (see video above).

Clooney at 59 was elected an icon by GQ and won the 25th edition of "Men of the Year" (Michael B. Jordan was instead named the sexiest man of 2020). The man of the year who confirms his great generosity and gratitude towards those friends, simply called "The Boys" who helped him when he was still nobody. The actor and director said he invited them to his house in 2013 and gave them an envelope containing the money, there is talk of a million dollars each. So 14 million dollars in total.

The only one to confirm that he received the money was Rande Gerber, a former model and successful entrepreneur. Unknown the identity of the other 13 friends, it is speculated that they may be Clooney's wedding witnesses, such as actor-director Grant Heslov, Tommy Hinkley and Richard Kind.

Clooney said he decided to pay homage to his friends after taking an unexpected salary with Gravity. At the time he was living alone and had no intention of getting married, even though that year he had met Amal. the two got married in September 2014 with a sumptuous wedding that lasted several days in splendid Venice.

Speaking of Amal, George confessed: “I was the type, 'I'll never get married. I will not have children ”. Before Amal, Clooney had been married to Talia Balsam. Then he had several flirts, including the one with Elisabetta Canalis. Marriage was the least of his thoughts. "I thought: 'I'll work, I have many friends, my life is full, I'm fine'. And I didn't really know how empty it was until I met Amal ”.

A beautiful and good declaration of love that ends with the reference to the twins, Ella and Alexander: "Marriage changed me in the simplest way because I had never felt that someone else's life was infinitely more important than mine. . And then add two more individuals, who are small and need to be fed ”.

George Amal Clooney wedding

George and Amal Clooney's Wedding – Source: Getty Images

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