George Clooney reveals what his wife Amal can't stand about him

George Clooney reveals what his wife Amal can't stand about him

George Clooney reveals that Amal and her daughter Ella couldn't suffer from the unshaven he grew for the movie, "The Midnight Sky"

George Clooney: wife Amal, ex girlfriends, career

George and Amal Clooney are a terrific couple, but there is something the star's wife just can't stand about him: the long beard. Amal does not suffer from it, it bothers her and has difficulty tolerating it while her husband was filming The Midnight Sky.

To reveal the weak point of his marriage is the same Clooney who lately has been letting himself go to several confidences, as when he said he was locked in the house since March for fear that his son Alexander, who has asthma, could contract the Covid. Or like when he confirmed that he had donated a million dollars each to 14 friends who helped him when he was in trouble.

Now they touch the intimate confidences and George confesses what made Amal angry while he was shooting his latest film, The Midnight Sky, for which he also ended up in hospital. In short, Clooney created a lot of discomfort in his wife, growing a full beard. It wasn't a whim or a desire to change his look, but the actor found himself forced not to shave for script reasons.

A detail that apparently created a bad mood in the family. In fact, Amal was not the only one who could not bear the long beard of her better half, even her daughter Ella, 3 years old and Alexander's twin, just didn't like it. And when George Clooney finally cut it off, the two women in his life were happy.

The Hollywood star recounts this tender detail of his private life on the Australian Today show: "Perhaps the happiest day for my wife and daughter was when I cut my beard." On the contrary, her son Alexander adored it and enjoyed hiding objects inside. And he added: "My son used to grab my beard and pull my head down to talk to me, so he liked it a lot".

In addition to his beard, Clooney underwent an impressive physical transformation for his new film that cost him a hospitalization. "I spent the summer in Italy eating lentil soup and training three times a day. I lost 11 kilos because I wanted my character to be emaciated ”.

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