George Clooney teaches terrible things to the twins and makes Amal scream

George Clooney Amal Clooney

George Clooney confessed to teaching his sons horrible tricks and causing Amal to scream. And then he declares: "My wife is a genius"

George Clooney continues to recount private details of his family life, with his wife Amal and 3-year-old twins Alexander and Ella. The lookdown at the star's house turned out to be quite peculiar and George soon found himself in the role of the "mammo".

Clooney confessed to having been out very little since last March (watch the video above) and only out of necessity, in fact he feared for the health of Alexander who suffers from asthma. But this does not mean that he has been bored in recent months. George worked on his new film, The Midnight Sky, for which he ended up in hospital, and in the meantime he had to take care of the house and the children.

In fact, his wife Amal in recent months has been very busy with the drafting of his book which he finally published in recent days and in launching the volume he wanted to publicly thank George for his patience, promising him that he will never publish another book again: " for the sake of our marriage ".

And so Clooney sacrificed himself for the sake of the family and spent a lot of time with his children, teaching them horrible things, as he confessed. Luckily Amal has once again thought of compensating for the teachings.

So, while George delighted in revealing terrible tricks to the twins to make them feel good, his wife gave them lessons in foreign languages ​​thanks to which they now speak fluent Italian. The Clooney family is very fond of the beautiful country. For decades the star has owned a villa in Laglio, on Lake Como. Let's not forget that George had an Italian girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis, for a long time.

However, in connection with the Graham Norton Show, the actor made a very sweet statement to Amal, saying, “They are clearly my wife's children. They are three years old and speak Italian fluently. I am far ahead ”. And he continued: “My wife is a genius and the children are very bright. But I teach them horrible things. When I hear my wife screams, I know I have succeeded. I taught them to put Nutella in diapers, then they go upstairs and eat it ".

Clooney is known among his friends for making terrible jokes, even on set, even though friendship is sacred to him, in fact he gave a million dollars each to the people who helped him when he was in trouble. Now he has decided to spice up the family, enlisting Ella and Alexander in his businesses, to the delight of mother Amal.

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