George Clooney: “That time I feared I was going to die”

The actor confessed during an interview that he feared for his life on the occasion of a motorcycle accident that took place in Italy in 2018.

Hollywood stars are also human beings and as such – like all of us – have fears, pains and not too pleasant memories. We often forget about them, accustomed to thinking of them almost as untouchable and unreachable Olympians. And instead it happens that through an interview we can grasp other aspects, other facets and realize that in the end they are just like everyone else in this world, mortal.

This is what one thinks when reading the interview given by George Clooney to The Sunday Times, an opportunity for the actor to reflect on one of the crucial moments in his life, the one in which he thought he would die.

George Clooney, the scariest moment of his life

“I believed they were my last moments of life”, said George Clooney, retracing the thoughts that crossed his mind that day in 2018 that he will never forget. The actor was in Sardinia for the filming of the television miniseries. Catch 22 when he had an accident that could have cost him his life.

A car, a Mercedes, took him full while he was riding a motorcycle and due to the impact he was thrown away, ending up on the windshield of the car before falling to the ground. The driver of the car called for help, while the actor lay on the ground.

“I was there and I was waiting for the switch to go off,” recalled Clooney, referring to the thought that his life would end there on the asphalt, under the eyes of the crowd that thronged to watch the scene.

George Clooney, where people’s morbidity arrives

Even at that moment, the actor was not treated as a human being, but as a freak: “If you are in the spotlight, what you realize while you are on the ground thinking that they are the last moments of your life, is that for certain people is the right time to do some entertainment on their Facebook page “.

At the dawn of 60, George Clooney knows he is a charming, mature, ironic man with a positive approach to life, but at that moment he felt he was just a kind of pastime for people. Fortunately, things went for the best and the actor was also able to reassure his wife Amal Alamuddin with whom he had recently had the twins Alexander and Ella.

The children are now 4 years old and perhaps it is also after that episode that Clooney decided that he would always protect them from the morbid eye of fans and tabloids.

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