George Clooney, the darkest moment of his life

George Clooney, the darkest moment of his life

George Clooney tells of the darkest moment of his life: the accident on the set and the pain

George Clooney: wife Amal, ex girlfriends, career

George Clooney recounts the darkest moment of his life, which came after an accident on set and health problems that caused him unbearable pain. Interviewed by the weekly Today, the Hollywood star has shown, once again, his human side. After discovering that the wife of the journalist who was interviewing him had just had a backbone surgery, he revealed some details from his past that few knew.

The actor recalled the incident that occurred during the filming of Syriana and the difficult period he experienced immediately after. “The same thing happened to me 15 years ago on the set of Syriana – he explained -. I must say that the rupture of the dura mater made me know the most unbearable pains. I was forced to stay in bed for four months and I confess that I contemplated suicide several times… It will take time, so never lose hope of getting better ”.

Today the actor is better and happy next to his wife Amal Alamuddin. The couple have twins, Ella and Alexander, and, despite rumors of a crisis, they are closer than ever. To the lawyer, married in 2014, he dedicated a long declaration of love, which appeared on GQ, in which he spoke of their bond and love for their children. “I never realized how empty my life was until I met Amal – he admitted – I was the type to 'never marry, have no children, work, have great friends, my life is full, I'm fine […] In reality it was all a huge empty space ”.

George Clooney will soon be on Netflix with the film The Midnight Night, meanwhile he dreams of returning to Italy: "There are no words to describe how much we miss Italy – he confessed to Oggi -. Amal and I talk about it every day. The two summer months we spend on Lake Como are for the family, to be together and to see friends who always join us very willingly for a glass of wine, some pasta, a trip on the lake. This 2020 is a damned year, to be forgotten, but we must roll up our sleeves and try to defeat this virus ”.

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