George Clooney, the proposal to Amal that changed his life. And the twins are desperate

George Clooney, the proposal to Amal that changed his life. And the twins are desperate

George Clooney confesses that it took Amal 20 minutes to say yes, but everything has changed since then. And the twins use Italian against them

George Clooney: wife Amal, ex girlfriends, career

That Amal changed George Clooney's life is clear to everyone. But now the Hollywood star has revealed the precise moment in which the lawyer forever transformed the golden bachelor that no one, not even the beautiful Elisabetta Canalis, managed to conquer him forever.

George Clooney, a guest on CBS Sunday Morning, recounted when he proposed to Amal, a slightly embarrassing moment, as the future Mrs. Clooney took 20 minutes to answer him. George has a very logical explanation for this hesitation: "We never talked about marriage when we were dating, and I asked him out of the blue." Here is the reason for the hesitation.

Clooney recalls: “It took her a long time to say yes. I've been on my knees for, like, 20 minutes. In the end I told her: 'My hip is about to come out' ". And this must have convinced her to answer, obviously "yes". The two were married in 2014 with a sumptuous ceremony lasting several days in the splendid setting of Venice.

And then comes the most beautiful declaration of love: "There is no doubt that having Amal in my life has changed everything for me". "There is no doubt. It was the first time that everything she did and everything about her was infinitely more important than anything about me ”. Therefore, the rumors of divorce have definitely disappeared. Clooney recently recounted how his wife is always close to him, even when he had a terrible accident.

Another important change in Clooney's life is the arrival of the twins, Alexander and Ella, who are now three years old, the little ones were born on June 6, 2017 and according to dad they are fantastic. Only George was expecting a child, not two. When the gynecologist warned them of the twin pregnancy, Clooney said he remained silent for 10 minutes staring at "the document", presumably the ultrasound. He was totally unprepared to have two children right away, he already felt old for one. “But now I'm so happy to have both. They are incredible".

It seems that the twins, despite their tender age, give a hard time to mom and dad. In fact, Clooney said, speaking at Jimmy Kimmel Live, that the little ones speak perfectly Italian, while he and Amal almost nothing. Thus, they provided the children with a tool to use against them.

Alexander and Ella seem to use Italian when they want to rebel against their parents. George confessed in fact: “We did a really silly thing: they speak Italian correctly, I repeat, a correct Italian, at three years old. But I don't speak Italian and neither do my wife, so we armed them with a language ”. "If I say 'go and tidy up your room' they reply 'Eh, papa stranzo (Clooney imitates the Italian accent, ed)".

Then the star told some details of life in lockdown. For example, he is the house chef, because Amal doesn't know how to cook. And then he revealed that he has been cutting his own hair for 25 years: “My hair is really like straw. So it's easy to cut them, you can't make serious mistakes. My cuts literally take two minutes ”.

Clooney has recently made headlines for giving a million each to 14 friends who helped him early in his career, in a difficult time.

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