Georgina Rodriguez and life with Ronaldo: "He is my inspiration"

Georgina Rodriguez and life with Ronaldo: "He is my inspiration"

Georgina Rodriguez talks about herself and in an interview reveals what it means to be next to the most famous footballer in the world

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Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo are a stable, close-knit and successful couple, who never miss an opportunity to shout their love to the world.

Their secret? A deep love, made up of everyday life and sharing, because being next to the most famous sportsman in the world is not an easy task, but Georgina seems to have found the right balance.

In an interview with Sportweek, the weekly magazine of the Gazzetta dello Sport, the model talked about her life alongside the Portuguese phenomenon and her love for him and their children.

“My family is my priority – she said – My children and my husband come first. I take great care of them and my heart is trapped. Full of love". And this sentiment is evident in every word, even when it comes to the gym and home workouts. “I learned a lot from him. It helps me, teaches and motivates me. In the end you are the reflection of what you see … and I see him. So, even though I was already a healthy and sporty woman, today and thanks to him I feel even better. At the beginning I was ashamed to train next to him, he's still Cristiano Ronaldo. But then everything changed. He is my inspiration and my great love, ”he revealed.

For this reason, Georgina is also ready to sacrifice normal everyday moments for anyone, but not for those who are so famous that they can't even go to the cinema or the supermarket. An aspect that does not weigh on her.

“No, Cristiano can't go to the supermarket… – he explained – But thanks to the mask, lately, we ran away to shop a few times… and a few years ago we even managed to go to the cinema! He is a super dad and the best husband I could dream of. But he doesn't cook. After training all morning, he deserves to find a good plate of hot food prepared with love at the table. We have a chef and sometimes I cook. And changing a light bulb in our house is impossible, we have such high ceilings… If you were Cristiano Ronaldo, would you change a light bulb 6 meters above the ground ?! Better not. Take care of yourself and dedicate yourself to being the best at what you do. I'll take care of the rest. I make it all work out. I like to take care of my home and my family ”.

A serene family, who manages to take advantage of every moment to get together and spend a few hours of carefree together, as she herself showed on Instagram, in a shot that portrays them in their terrace-garden of the Turin house, between games and balloons. "Every day we celebrate our love", he writes. And who knows if this is not their secret.

Ronaldo Georgina

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez and their children

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