Gerry Scotti and the days in the hospital: "I saw people intubated, I prayed"

Gerry Scotti

Gerry Scotti recounts the days of his battle against the Coronavirus and hospitalization: "I saw people intubated, I prayed".

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

Gerry Scotti talks about his battle against Covid-19 and the days he spent in the hospital. The handler was discharged after dealing with the virus. A few weeks ago, the famous conductor announced on Instagram that he had tested positive for Coronavirus, explaining that he was at home and under medical supervision. Shortly after, however, the situation changed and Scotti was hospitalized.

"At the second check at the Humanitas Covid Center in Rozzano I was advised to stay with them because I had all the parameters wrong: liver, kidney, pancreas – explained Gerry to Corriere della Sera -. I was already in the intensive unit, because when you enter the emergency room of the Covid Center there is no refreshment area, the machine area, the area let's love each other: a door opens and from there on you see everything you have seen on the worst news of your life. I turned green, I sweated cold ”.

Gerry talked about his experience and the support of the healthcare staff in those difficult days. "The doctors told me not to scare me – he explained -: we do not put her in intensive care but in a room next to them because we need to attach a series of instruments to her body to monitor her, to know if her machine, her body , needs special care. I was in a small room, beyond there was the sliding door to the life of many people. With two other patients we winked, come on, you can do it. I ascertained – staying there, two nights and one day – that this was the last door. If they decided to open that passage ”.

The presenter of Tu Sì Que Vales then said he prayed for the intubated people in intensive care that he saw from his room. “I saw them all, I saw 24 motionless, intubated people, like in science fiction movies. I prayed for them instead of praying for me. When I reached the maximum level of need for assistance, they made me wear the salvific helmet, it is the last painless step of the therapy before you are intubated. For a couple of days at alternating times I had to wear it too, it was a cure-all. I had seen it on TV, read his newspapers, it seemed like science fiction. I remember the slogan: the helmet saves your life. Now I understand what helmet it is… Then one morning they turned the bed back and took me back to my room ”.

Gerry confessed to having received enormous support in those days from Carlo Conti, who was also hospitalized due to Covid-19. "I do not want to hurt anyone – he said -, I quote only Carlo Conti, because we lived an experience in parallel. I asked him: how many liters of oxygen? He answered 4. And I was still at 5. And the pill, did they give you? We did like Coppi and Bartali ”.

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