Gerry Scotti became a grandfather: Virginia was born

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Gerry Scotti became a grandfather: the wife of his son, Edoardo Scotti, gave birth to little Ginevra

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Gerry Scotti became a grandfather. Last December 15, as reported by the weekly Gente, Ginevra Piola, wife of Edoardo Scotti, would have given birth to the baby. It was the conductor who announced the arrival of the first granddaughter some time ago. Guest of Verissimo, Gerry had told the thrill of becoming a grandfather for the first time and the special relationship with Edoardo, his only son.

“My son Edoardo, during the lockdown, did with his wife what probably many Italians did: he looked for and wanted a child – he explained to Silvia Toffanin, visibly moved -. We met in the gardens of Milan and he came up to me with a strange package that contained a pacifier. I, an only child, have had an only child. Now, I expect multiple grandchildren. I'd like two more, but Edoardo's wife must also agree. She will be a sissy […] I will also become dazed as I saw my friends dull when they lived this experience ".

Born in 1992, Edoardo is the son of Gerry Scotti, born from the marriage with Patrizia Grosso, his first wife. While today the presenter is linked to his partner Gabriella Perino. Born in Milan, he attended the prestigious American School of Milan and in 2013 graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. He later moved to Los Angeles where he continued his studies, dreaming of becoming a director. Edoardo grew up far from the spotlight and the public only got to know Scotti's only son a few years ago when the host wanted him by his side in The Record Show. On that occasion, Gerry's son took on the shoes of the envoy, following the records abroad and showing not only great sympathy, but also professionalism and an extraordinary command of English.

Since 2018 Edoardo Scotti has been linked to Ginevra Piola, a Mediaset journalist. The two would have married in great secrecy, without formalizing the event, and even on the occasion of the birth of Geneva there were no official posts. The little girl would arrive on December 15, giving the Scotti family a happy Christmas full of surprises, to the delight of grandfather Gerry who had been waiting for a long time to hold his granddaughter in his arms.

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