Gerry Scotti leaves the hospital, the message on Instagram: "Finally home"

Gerry Scotti leaves the hospital, the message on Instagram: "Finally home"

Finally Gerry Scotti returns home, after being hospitalized in the past weeks

Positive vip at Covid-19, messages from fans and colleagues

After long days of waiting, finally Gerry Scotti breaks the silence: he has just returned home from the hospital where he had been hospitalized to better manage the symptoms of Coronavirus, just as happened to his colleague Carlo Conti. Now that the worst is behind us, the host has reappeared on Instagram.

“Home, finally. Thanks to all of you, to your love and thanks to all the doctors, nurses and collaborators of Humanitas who believed in it before me "- wrote Gerry Scotti on social media, captioning a photo that sees him, still with his coat, busy taking a selfie in the mirror – “A hug to those who lived this experience with me: I will not forget you”. His are simple words of thanks to all the people at the forefront of the fight against this terrible virus, but they have aroused great joy in all the fans.

In fact, we had been waiting for this moment for some time: the conductor had already been hospitalized for several days, and just recently he had feared for his health conditions. A worrying indiscretion had started circulating on the web, according to which Gerry Scotti would have been transferred to intensive care due to the worsening of his situation. News, the latter, denied by the press office of the popular presenter.

"Broadly speaking, he had a similar course to that of Carlo Conti" – Massimo Villa explained to FanPage – "He was hospitalized because he caught Covid quite hard, but he was never at risk". His colleague, in fact, followed an almost identical process: initially he was asymptomatic, but soon the symptoms arrived and he preferred to be hospitalized to keep the disease under control. And just like Conti, who returned home last week, Gerry Scotti has finally left the hospital.

For him it all began on October 26, when he announced – again on Instagram – that he had tested positive at Covid. From that moment on, he went into solitary confinement at his home, paying close attention to the safety measures necessary to avoid spreading the infection. For this reason Gerry was not present at some of the recordings of Tu Si Que Vales, where he appeared on a screen positioned in his usual armchair.

gerry scotti

Gerry Scotti's post – Photo: Instagram

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