Gerry Scotti soon grandfather. And he takes a break from work

Gerry Scotti soon grandfather. And he takes a break from work

Gerry Scotti, after hospitalization, decided to take a break from TV, dedicating himself to the family

After the battle against Covid and hospitalization close to intensive care, the time has come for Gerry Scotti to take back his life.

In fact, the famous conductor has decided to take a break from the small screen, after the final of Tu Si Que Vales, even if we will see Scotti on TV for a while with the reruns of Caduta Libera.

But now Gerry has decided to dedicate himself to his family and prepare for a new adventure, that of a grandfather. In fact, last October, to Verissimo's microphones, he announced that his son Edoardo – the fruit of love with his ex-wife Patrizia Grosso – is about to become the father of a little girl.

He told Silvia Toffanin: “We met at the gardens in Milan and he came to meet me with a strange package that contained a pacifier. I am very happy for them. I only have one gripe though. I, an only child, have had an only child. Now I'm expecting multiple grandchildren. I'd like two more, but Edoardo's wife must also agree ".

The news of the arrival of his granddaughter certainly gave Gerry the strength to overcome those difficult days in the hospital, between fear and pain.

In fact, the conductor arrived in the anteroom of the intensive care unit: "I saw them all, I saw 24 motionless, intubated people, like in science fiction films. I prayed for them instead of praying for me. When I reached the maximum level of need for assistance, they made me wear a salvific helmet, it is the last painless step of the therapy before you are intubated ", he said in a long interview with Corriere della Sera.

Scotti, like so many others who have battled the Coronavirus infection, also said he had lost ten kilos. The proximity to Carlo Conti, who lived the same experience, was also fundamental in this period: "There was a brotherhood of viruses that bound us and made us feel close. Our daily phone call was an injection of optimism and a race towards recovery, "said the Rai presenter.

Now that the worst is over and the hospital is just a bad memory, Gerry can't wait to spend his free time being a grandpa and enjoying his loved ones. friends when they lived this experience ”.

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