Gessica Notaro, Tavares sentenced to 15 years. "Now I can relax"

Gessica Notaro

Edson Tavares, former partner of Gessica Notaro and author of the attack with acid, will serve 15 years in prison

“Now I can relax”. Gessica Notaro commented on the sentence for her ex-boyfriend Edson Tavares, accused of persecuting and attacking her, disfiguring her with acid. The verdict issued by the Court of Appeal of Bologna in 2018 has been confirmed: the Supreme Court has established that Tavares will have to serve fifteen years, five months and twenty days in prison.

It was January 10, 2017 when Gessica was attacked by her ex-boyfriend outside her home in Rimini. That evening the Notaro was the victim of a terrible ambush that changed her life forever. "I saw him, I saw Eddy who was holding a plastic bottle, he was dressed in black – Gessica will tell you, shortly after hospitalization -. He didn't say a word and threw a liquid at me and ran away. I ran after him for a few meters, screaming in pain, my face was burning and my vision was clouding more and more ".

Three years have passed since then and Gessica has never stopped fighting, for herself and for other women, sure that she would have justice sooner or later. And that day has finally arrived, as the singer explained to Ansa. “It's a finished story, now maybe I can relax – she said – […] I am very happy, I did well to put my trust in the judiciary that did not betray me. […] I have to thank my lawyers, Fiorenzo and Alberto Alessi, who have done an excellent job. For four years, although I could show anger, I have always been a lady and I have supported her right to defend herself. Now I can say that he is guilty, up to the third degree ”.

The second instance judges had defined the acid attack as the "plastic representation of a meditated, firm will to punish the victim forever, depriving her not only of her special beauty, but of her own identity, so as to erase her from eyes of anyone, not being able to "possess" it himself ". The sentence also confirmed the expulsion of Tavares from Italy at the end of the sentence and compensation for Gessica. To defend it, the lawyers Fiorenzo and Alberto Alessi, flanked by the Butterfly association, which has always fought against violence against women, with the lawyer Elena Fabbri.

Courageous and incredibly strong, immediately after the attack Gessica began her battle, resuming living, despite the tragedy and regaining her existence step by step. An example for many women who, like her, continue to fight against the violence of men who do not know how to love.

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