Get back in shape to the rhythm of music with Real Ball Fitness

Get back in shape to the rhythm of music with Real Ball Fitness

If the gym is fatal boredom, discover the new Real Ball Fitness and get back in shape while having fun with your friends

The new frontiers of fitness are almost always based on music. This is the case of Real Ball Fitness, an intense cardiac workout that allows you to burn excess fat and lose weight. All without feeling too much fatigue, because you are busy listening to the accompanying music. The presence of music has always been an opportunity to move the body and have fun. Applying this concept to fitness was therefore child's play, as was also the case with Zumba fitness. Both workouts, in fact, fall into the category of fitness dance, where music is the basic element of the lessons.

Lately more and more gyms in the Italian territory are launching Real Ball Fitness courses: it will therefore not be difficult to find one compatible with your needs, that is, close enough to home and frequentable at the times most suitable for you. Therefore, visit the websites of the gyms of your city, to be always informed about the launch of the new courses. But what is Real Ball Fitness actually? Well, these are timed music lessons in which the main element is a sphere (initially designed for gentle gymnastics and postural exercises). By bouncing this sphere according to the various exercises, a real toning work is performed on all the muscle groups of the body. In particular, however, it allows a strong work on legs, buttocks and abdomen.

In addition to the ball, sometimes the instructor can decide to use the elastic bandages typical of Pilates. In this way it will be possible to focus more on the back, the shoulders, the arms and favor the lengthening of the chest. At the end of each lesson, then, a phase of cooling down and muscle stretching will follow, so as to avoid the formation of lactic acid in the muscles.

However, if you don't have time to go to the gym, you can also practice Real Ball Fitness at home. So choose a very lively music that will be the basis for the exercises and start with the warm-up phase. It will consist of positioning yourself behind the ball and start bouncing it by moving to the right and left of it. All for about five minutes. At this point we will focus on the abdomen, sitting on the ball and then repeatedly getting up and down. After another five minutes, you can start with the actual training. You will first take the ball in your hands and swing it left and right a dozen times. It will then be placed on the ground and lunges will be performed with your arms on it (just as if you were doing push-ups). From the same position the lunges on the right and left cannot be skipped with the legs. There will only be time to start over and repeat the three exercises until the music ends. Obviously this is a simplified version ideal for the home environment. For more intensive lessons it is always better to go to a gym.

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