GF, a hard fight between De André and his ex-boyfriend. D’Urso intervenes

GF, a hard fight between De André and his ex-boyfriend. D’Urso intervenes

Francesca De André has a tough confrontation with ex-boyfriend Giorgio Tambellini. D'Urso gets furious and drives him out of the house

Anger, sadness and affection. These are just some of the feelings that Francesca De André has had in the last week in Big Brother's house. After the latest news on the betrayal of the boyfriend, in fact, the girl quarreled with Gennaro and then approached him, so much so that it seems that this time the flirtation can materialize into something more.

Before feeling truly free, however, Francesca expressed the need to understand more about how things are with her now ex-boyfriend Giorgio Tambellini. Initially, De André had decided not to believe the alleged betrayal of her boyfriend with Rosy Zamboni, but another wave of evidence shown by Barbara D’Urso leaves no doubt.

Tambellini was surprised in the company of a dark-haired girl and, according to some testimonies, between the two there would have been some tender. The reaction of the boy, who left Francesca through an Instagram post, would then sound just like an admission of guilt.

A particular situation, which led the girl to nervous attitudes towards many of her roommates. Quarrels with Martina, Michael and, above all, with Gennaro have floated. The closeness between Francesca and the latter, in fact, was not enough to avoid a heated verbal confrontation that seemed to have decreed the end of the flirtation that has been underway since almost the beginning of the program.

Accomplice Vladimir Luxuria, then, the two got very close, until Gennaro whispered a confession to Francesca:

I'd make love to you.

De André, however, seems not to give in. Perhaps he needed more confirmation, had with the testimony of his friend Alessandra, and the confrontation with Giorgio Tambellini, which took place live. Francesca faced him with determination and insults flew between the two.

The ex boyfriend of gieffina, with aggressive tones, did not deny the betrayal and attacked De André's friend accusing her of being a fake. Screaming, Giorgio, he nervously tried to evade Francesca's questions.

Cornered, he then confirmed what had happened, blaming the ex-girlfriend for being close to Gennaro and saying that he was not ashamed of what he had done. D'Urso then felt compelled to intervene because of the extreme physical closeness between the two that could appear violent.

Finally, the presenter asked for explanations for the conspiracy charge that Giorgio launched on the program and, furiously, chased him from the house. Extremely angry Barbara D’Urso said she was shocked at Tambellini's behavior, finding support in the audience.

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