GF, Ambra and Kikò broke up

GF, Ambra and Kikò broke up

After the De Andrè-Lillio couple, there is also another story born in the GF16 house: Ambra and Kikò at the end of the line

It seems there can be no happy ending for the couples born in the home of Big Brother 16. After the break between Francesca De Andrè and Gennaro Lillio, the news of the end of another love born during the last edition of the reality comes.

The story between Kikò Nalli and Ambra Lombardo seems to have come to an end. To reveal it, the director of the weekly Nuovo, Riccardo Signoretti, who placed the cover of the magazine on newsstands from tomorrow on his Instagram profile.

At full page, there is a beautiful photo of the Sicilian teacher who announces the end of her bond with Tina Cipollari's ex-husband and a sentence that anticipates the content of the exclusive interview in which the reasons for the farewell are explained: "He doesn't show me love!"

The reactions to the anticipation of the weekly are varied, but many do not say they are too surprised by the end of the story.

"He doesn't show love because there is no love! These two have never convinced, for heaven's sake! Love is something else !! "writes a follower of Signoretti. "He imagined that it ended like this", comments another with no surprise. Then there are those who take sides, and in most of the comments, the one accused of seeming little involved in the relationship turns out to be Amber, and there are those who openly accuse: "She was never sincere."

We will have to wait tomorrow to read the complete content of the exclusive interview, but certainly the news has already created a certain turmoil among the fans of Big Brother who hoped that, at least one of the couples born this year in the house of Cinecittà would survive the summer.

The love between Kikò and Amber was one of the final twists of the show. The girl, already eliminated, had wanted to return home only to declare herself to the hair stylist, and from there their story had begun, however, welcomed by many with skepticism. Kikò's ex-wife Tina Cipollari was the first not convinced of the solidity of the relationship. Today, after a few weeks, the facts seem to justify the perplexity of the vamp men and women opinionist and of the part of the public that had followed the events of the protagonists of the reality from home.

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