GF: Ambra Lombardo confesses to Kikò and sends a message to Tina

Tina Cipollari's sister attacks Amber: “I don't like it. He used Kikò "

After the kiss to Big Brother, Ambra Lombardo talks about Kikò and appeals to Tina Cipollari

After leaving Big Brother and controversy, Ambra Lombardo returns to talk about her relationship with Kikò, Tina Cipollari's ex-husband. As everyone knows, the hairstylist and the teacher exchanged a passionate kiss after weeks of courtship.

Something strong seems to have been born between the two and both Ambra and Chicco Nalli are convinced that they want to continue their knowledge outside the Cinecittà house. La Lombardo, who was eliminated in the first episodes, is waiting to embrace the man and is ready to live a love story with him.

The audience cheers on the couple, but Tina Cipollari doesn't seem to have the same idea. The vamp of Men and Women in fact has repeatedly expressed on Instagram her doubts about the sincerity of the teacher (also supporting her son Francesco), giving life to a blow and remote response.

During the last interview with Verissimo (where she clashed with Gemma Galgani), Cipollari said she had not manipulated her son and wanted to leave room for her ex-husband to allow him to rebuild his life after the divorce. Despite this, the doubts about Amber seem to remain, above all because the teacher of the GF and Kikò don't know each other very well.

Lombardo, however, believes in it and is convinced that the feeling born in the reality show will turn into something important: "When I left the house, I put my whole game on the line, leaving a companion who treated me like a queen and a wonderful house" she said to New TV.

During the interview, the former GF competitor also commented on the accusations made by the son of Chicco Nalli and Tina after the kiss on TV. "I think it's a normal reaction – he said -. I have already had companions who had children born from previous relationships, I am not new to this type of dynamics. The attachment to the father is understandable, Francesco is driven by a sense of protection. I am calm, time will prove me right ”.

Then the heartfelt appeal to Tina Cipollari: "I like it – he confessed -. I would like to tell you that I respect you and that you can stay calm because I am a decent girl. Also, I'm not a show woman, my job is that of a teacher. If I had acted so well, I would have been a Hollywood actress. Then the eyes don't lie and all the Italians saw my emotion. "

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