GF, crisis between Francesca and Gennaro. He vents on Instagram

GF, crisis between Francesca and Gennaro. He vents on Instagram

Although Francesca and Gennaro seem more in love than ever, there is no lack of quarrels between the two: the outburst of the ex gieffino

Francesca De Andrè and Gennaro Lillio are a close-knit couple, yet occasionally there is no lack of quarrels. This time, the ex gieffino decided to let off steam on Instagram.

Despite the two declaring themselves more in love than ever, Francesca's smoky character has often led them to quarrel. It is impossible not to remember the heavy bickering between the two competitors inside the Big Brother house, when in addition to the insults the cake that Gennaro was eating also flew. In short, the couple has well accustomed us to these short periods of crisis, yet this time the Neapolitan model seems really tired of suffering the harassment of De Andrè.

Last night, perhaps at the end of one of their stormy quarrels, the ex gieffino shared a runaway post among his Instagram Stories. First a quote from Sophia Loren: “You can love many people. But love, love was born like this! ", And then a very personal definition of the feeling:" Understanding each other, complicity, treating each other well, treating oneself politely, pampering oneself, ways, respecting and respecting each other. Respect, respect, respect! "

Everything would suggest a heavy dispute between the two. Over and over again, even inside the most spied house in Italy, Gennaro has criticized Francesca's arrogant behavior, who has the habit of indulging in insults and insults without first stopping to think about what she is saying. This attitude seems to have tired the Neapolitan model, which has no longer been able to restrain itself and has shared its mood with the followers.

Yet, only a few days ago, De Andrè had let her feelings go, sending her boyfriend a very romantic love letter. What will have changed between the two former gieffini? Will it be just a passing quarrel or could it be a sign of something deeper?

Talking about a crisis can be a gamble. Certainly the two have fought heavily and Gennaro has decided to deliver a message to his girlfriend (and not only). From Francesca, however, no answer. The last story in which the boyfriend appears is actually a reference to his brother, published well before the outburst of the handsome Neapolitan. What will happen now? Will De Andrè answer or let it run?

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