GF, Eliana Michelazzo in the house after the revelations on the Prati case. Mediaset's reply

GF, Eliana Michelazzo in the house after the revelations on the Prati case. Mediaset's reply

After confessing her truth about the Prati affair, Eliana Michelazzo asked to enter the house of the GF, but Mediaset replies

Eliana Michelazzo, manager of Pamela Prati, asked to enter the Big Brother house, after the latest revelations, but Mediaset freezes her with a statement in which she denies her participation in the reality show. "The hypothesis of Eliana Michelazzo's entry into the Big Brother house – the company explained on social networks – as a competitor has never been taken into consideration by the publisher".

A reply that comes following heated protests from the public and comments on the moral integrity of the protagonists of a story that has now turned yellow. The paper castle built around the marriage of Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone seems to collapse piece by piece. After the statements by Georgette Polizzi and Rosa Perrotta, both doubtful about the existence of the groom, the manager of the Sardinian showgirl also left the ship.

Just her, who has always maintained the truthfulness of the wedding, admitted that she no longer believed in Caltagirone's existence and promised to reveal everything to Live – It is not the D’Urso. He then asked to enter Big Brother's house for security reasons leaving everyone, once again, with his mouth open.

In short, after swearing to Silvia Toffanin that she met Mark Caltagirone, Eliana admitted that she always lied. He has never seen Prati's partner, if not in a video, and the whole wedding would have been a staging organized by Pamela Perricciolo, also an agent of Pamela Prati and his partner.

Michelazzo would have realized that something was not right from the video, shown to her by her colleague Perricciolo. The Mark who appeared in the video, according to the agent's revelations, would have had a totally different voice from the man who spoke with Barbara D’Urso on a telephone connection to Live- It is not the D’Urso. The words from the former suitor of Men & Women, therefore, would confirm all doubts about the Prati affair.

But it does not end there, Eliana also said that what has come to light is a system already used on other occasions, just as the testimonies of Alfonso Signorini and Angelo Sanzio claimed, and that she herself would have been a victim:

I was the first victim of this system. For 10 years I have a ghost boyfriend, Simone Coppi, only now I have opened my eyes: he sent me photos, messages, a ring, I got his name tattooed. Now, listening to the stories of the other victims, I understand the truth: it doesn't exist. I'd rather not know who is hiding behind those false identities.

The Prati agent also reiterated that after his statements, he is very afraid of what could happen to her:

After my confession, I'm afraid, I don't want to have contact with anyone, I should go abroad or to a place isolated from the world, like a convent or Big Brother's house.

A very specific request, therefore: to enter the most spied house in Italy in order to feel safe. The hypothesis that Barbara D’Urso accepts the invitation is not to be excluded. In fact, Eliana Michelazzo will be present in the next episode of Big Brother to find out what her destiny will be.

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