GF, furious quarrel between De André and Malgioglio: "You are crazy, you have to go out"

GF, furious quarrel between De André and Malgioglio: "You are crazy, you have to go out"

At the GF, Cristiano Malgioglio and Francesca De André collide, giving rise to a furious quarrel after the opinion of the opinionator

Not only betrayals and revelations, the last episode of Big Brother was also characterized by a rather heated dispute between Cristiano Malgioglio and Francesca De André. The discussion broke out due to a phrase from the singer, who last week commented on the girl's aggressive behavior towards Mila Suarez saying: "If your grandfather saw you, he would turn over in the grave".

Malgioglio's words did not escape Francesca, who during the week commented often on what was said. During the episode, D’Urso tried to clarify the situation, but instead of making peace, the two met.

"If I do this job today, I owe it particularly to your grandfather – said Malgioglio, addressing Faber's granddaughter -. I lived in Genoa and tormented him to read the things I wrote and it was he who paid me for the train ticket. I was the one who introduced Dori to Fabrizio. And therefore seeing you in those conditions, so aggressive, I thought that it would not have made him much pleasure ".

Francesca got even more angry: “You judged me by filling your mouth with his name! – thundered -. His blood flows in my veins, not yours. Respect me. You just worried people knew he was your friend or not. You can't talk about a dead person who can't reply! Shame on you Christian. Do you want to brag about my grandfather? Shame on you".

At that point, Malgioglio was also furious, hurling himself against the GF competitor and giving him mad: "I don't understand what the hell is saying this here – he replied -. But what does blood of your blood mean? Are you out of your mind? But you are not normal. You're a total fool! You are not normal! And with that said hello, I don't give a damn about you! Hope you can go out! You are vulgar and terrible, for this, men leave you! Shame on you for all the damage you caused at home. "

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