GF, Kikò makes a choice. And send a message to the son

GF, Kikò makes a choice. And send a message to the son

Kikò is cornered by the words of his son Francesco and Tina Cipollari. The story with Ambra is also criticized by Malgioglio

The time has come for Chicco Nalli. A difficult evening, which began with an accusation of bullying by Michael Terlizzi's parents and a harsh reprimand by Barbara D’Urso. He then had to face the words of his ex-wife Tina Cipollari and, above all, the comments of his son Francesco, following the passionate kiss given live to Ambra Lombardo.

A reaction that is not exactly enthusiastic is that of Tina Cipollari, with whom Kikò has been married for 15 years and with whom he had three children. The two exes have always maintained more than cordial relationships and Tina has always shown herself in favor of the hairstylist making a new life. However, the doubt of the vamp commentator of Men & Women falls on Amber, who sees little sincere and not very suitable for Chicco Nalli.

Kikò said he always took the words of his ex-wife very seriously and took them into consideration even at this time, but still wanted to proceed with the knowledge of Amber. Of major concern are the reactions of his three children.

In particular, it is his son Francesco, 12 years old, who does not seem to have taken the father's new relationship with the former Big Brother competitor well. In fact, his words have been particularly harsh. According to him, Ambra would have been very clever and strategist and would have kissed her father just to be talked about, even after being eliminated from the reality show.

If the words of the ex-wife had not made Kikò waver, those of his son instead seemed to have displaced him and hit him hard. Chicco tried to send a message to his son, asking him to feel comfortable and reassuring him that they will solve everything together once they leave the house.

Cristiano Malgioglio also thought about putting gas on the fire, who judged the kisses between Ambra and Chicco Nalli fake and the result of the desire to stay under the cameras. The ex gieffina asked that her emotions be respected and reiterated that she was there for Tina Cipollari's ex-husband, convinced that time will prove them right.

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