GF, Lorenzo Battistello tells the last evening with Pietro Taricone

Pietro Taricone

Lorenzo Battistello tells the last evening with Pietro Taricone, the beloved face of the GF who disappeared in 2010 and never forgotten

Lorenzo Battistello tells the last evening with Pietro Taricone after Big Brother. It was the 2000s when the reality TV landed on Canale Cinque for the first time. At the time it was Daria Bignardi who led him, among the competitors Cristina Plevani, Rocco Casalino, Marina La Rosa, Roberta Beta and Salvo Veneziano. Since then several years have passed and there have been many new editions of the GF, but no one has ever forgotten the protagonists of Big Brother 1.

Today many of them have changed their lives. Rocco Casalino deals with communication, Cristina Plevani, who triumphed, returned to her passion for sport, while Lorenzo Battistello, as he revealed, moved to Spain where he manages restaurants with his wife. "Our edition was so strong on a social level that perhaps it was the first experiment of social networks if we consider the side of sharing one's daily life – Lorenzo revealed to Emanuela Valente on Radio Cusano TV Italia -. At the time this did not exist. So it was not only the first reality show that changed the history of TV, but it also changed the way you see your privacy. "

"If there were social networks at the time – added the ex gieffino -, today I would be an influencer by profession. Calculating that the last episode of GF 1 was seen by 16 million people, to date I would certainly find myself with a million followers and I could have lived off income like this. Until then it was unthinkable that a person from nothing would go to conduct, attend any television program if he had not done any studies or apprenticeship, thanks or fault GF, there are now programs with conductors never seen before, who are only there because they have millions of followers on Instagram, before it was unthinkable. We have changed the way we do TV and see people and privacy. "

Among the most loved characters of the first GF there is undoubtedly Pietro Taricone. O ’Guerriero disappeared in 2010 due to a parachute accident, but nobody has ever forgotten him. Not only his daughter Sophie and his partner Kasia Smutniak, especially the public who have always appreciated his authenticity. Lorenzo recalled the last meeting with Pietro, which occurred during a repatriation with GF competitors. "June 29 will be 10 years after the death of dear Pietro – he explained -. I wanted to send him a very strong personal thought of mine. The evening of the last repatriated with the boys from the GF is a very beautiful memory that I carry within me. There was no time with Pietro to get to know each other deeply, but there I felt the respect he had for me. This left me with the memory of a real, good person who just wanted to feel good. "

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