GF Nip, "Signorini instead of D’Urso": the conductor clarifies

GF Nip, "Signorini instead of D’Urso": the conductor clarifies

Some indiscretions gave for certain the conduct of Alfonso Signorini for the GF Nip, instead of D'Urso. The conductor, for his part, immediately clarified

The fact that Alfonso Signorini is a histrionic and versatile conductor, capable of keeping the public nailed to the television screen, it does not rain. But can his ability be able to undermine another Lady (with a capital S) from television, or Barbara D’Urso? Doubt crept in because of a rebound of social indiscretion.

Specifically, the website of the gossip expert Davide Maggio published an article that wanted Alfonso Signorini to run Big Brother Nip. This, however, would have implied the dethronement Barbara D’Urso, who has reigned unchallenged at the GF Nip for several years.

Barbara herself had confirmed her return: the news, therefore, made a noise. A noise that could be harmful to the relations between the two conductors, tormented for several years and returned peaceful only at the beginning of 2020.

Since the news was becoming persistent, Alfonso Signorini decided to intervene and clarify. The conductor probably thought that fueling this indiscretion could lead to new misunderstandings with his friend found and the two have been clear enough: now that the relationships are back relaxed, they don't want to get lost.

Thus, the conductor has published a very clear post on Instagram, which avoids any doubt. To the screenshot of the news that he wants to host Big Brother Nip, Vip and even an afternoon talk (another "territory" of D’Urso), he has attached the following caption:

FAKE NEWS From the 'famo du risate' series. By the way, someone warns the @davidemaggioit website that launched the CALLY news that his list is missing the conduction of the weather forecast and the Frontiers of the spirit!

Even if the comments of friends and fans have followed one another, showing enthusiasm for a Signorini-centric schedule, in short, there is nothing true in the indiscretions. And the elegant Alfonso managed to make him understand perfectly, putting the dots on the i with a laugh.

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