GF, the final: great D’Urso show. And Martina triumphs

Crackling and fun ending with Barbara D'Urso, Iva Zanicchi and Cristiano Malgioglio unleashed. However, there have been clashes and tensions

Final with the bows to Big Brother. For the closing of a very popular edition, Barbara D’Urso and the authors of the program have thought of something exceptional. A real show, in which the presenter and the commentators Malgioglio and Iva Zanicchi proved unleashed.

To amaze its audience, D’Urso chose to open the episode with a particular theme, inspired by the 80s. Spice Girl, Queen, Mark Caltagirone and an amusing reproduction of the video of Dolceamaro, historical song of the presenter, re-proposed in a remixed version for the summer season, are all elements that have been combined together to create an engaging show.

A cheerful and crackling start, but also followed by moments of tension. Before kicking off the elimination challenges that led to the winner, there were several points to talk about. Francesca De André and her story, made of kisses and heated discussions, with her roommate Gennaro has returned to the center of attention.

This time De André had to clash with Taylor Mega. After hearing Francesca speak in unkind tones about her, in fact, the blonde influencer kept us from entering the house and clarifying her thoughts. Jealousy towards Gennaro, guilty of having kept handcuffs that had kept him tied to Taylor for fun, would have unleashed the wrath of Gieffina.

A very heated clash, the one between the two, in which Gennaro tried to mediate without obtaining any success. Francesca, then, recalled, in a letter, what happened with her ex-boyfriend Giorgio, proving finally ready to turn the page.

Bobby Solo and his daughter Veronica Satti, who participated in the last edition of Big Brother, also crossed the red door. Precisely on that occasion, she managed to reconcile with her father, after fifteen years of disputes and legal proceedings.

The two made a surprise to the competitors before the last race. A story that reminds us a bit of what De André is experiencing, which for years has had no relationship with her father Cristiano De André. Francesca, who got excited watching a story so similar to hers but with a different ending, was then immediately eliminated and she was unable to reach the final rush. Gennaro, who finished in fifth place, is also far from the podium.

After a long series of eliminations, Martina took the final prize of one hundred thousand euros. The girl with the tin heart, who inspired an Irama song, conquered the highest place on the podium and the affection of the audience.

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