GF Vip 2020, Briatore surprises Gregoraci, Zorzi against Adua: report cards seventh episode

Tommaso Zorzi

The tears of Tommaso Zorzi, the truth of Adua Del Vesco and the peace between Gregoraci and Briatore: what happened in the seventh episode of "GF Vip"

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

The advances promised it and it was like this: the seventh episode of GF Vip was full of twists and turns and exciting moments. At the center of the episode are the revelations of Adua Del Vesco about his relationship with Massimiliano Morra, but also the letter from Flavio Briatore for the ex Elisabetta Gregoraci. Alfonso Signorini, once again, has shown his enormous skill in keeping the strings of many different stories, feeding and sedating discussions at the right time. The commentators Antonella Elia and Pupo were a little less good. Perhaps due to an already very strong cast, they appeared from the very first episodes of the very subdued GF Vip.

Here are our report cards for the seventh episode of the GF Vip:

ELISABETTA GREGORACI and FLAVIO BRIATORE – After a long-distance confrontation that lasted weeks, the two exes have finally made peace. A letter from Briatore addressed to the showgirl and read directly to the GF Vip to sanction the end of the tensions. "Let's live the beautiful moments we lived and I thank you for the words with which you described me in the confessional, when I saw the real Eli – wrote the entrepreneur – […] Together we have realized that dream of a child we have, the our Nathan Falco who on the one hand is serene, is well and greets you, on the other you know well that he is watching you from home. Together we must protect it and at the same time we must cultivate the good for our family that cannot or must not be broken by TV. We live respecting each other, I wish you to be happy. I love you and will continue to love you ”. Words that moved the showgirl who appeared very disappointed by her ex-husband's attacks last week. “I send him a big kiss because maybe he'll be watching me if he's not out for dinner – Elisabetta replied -. A big kiss to him but an immense one to the love of my life, who is our son. Love, mom loves you so much. But I must say that everything always starts with him. And he has to be quiet a little, I defend myself. However, I am happy with this letter ”. VOTE: 8.

ADUA DEL VESCO – Difficult to frame and understand it fully. Even in the GF Vip House there are those who love and support her, like Dayane Mello and Matilde Brandi, and those who consider her a strategist, like Tommaso Zorzi. Certainly the gesture towards Massimiliano Morra was not appreciated by the public, as well as his constant lies. In the seventh episode of GF Vip, the actress decided to reveal the whole truth, revealing that even the story with Morra, just like the one with Gabriel Garko, was fake. “I apologize to everyone – he said -. It is useless to carry on a lie, because they are still theaters. This was one of the biggest causes that led me to suffer from anorexia. I was living a life that wasn't mine ”. Morra's response was ready and replied: “Adua knows very well that I am not homosexual. He knows very well and I don't want to go into details. You said it in front of all of Italy knowing that it is not true. You know very well what the situation is like. I am not homosexual and it does not affect me. But touch people who have a hard time talking about their sexuality. You didn't have a fairytale with me, it's not that kind of story and I make it clear for the people who love me ”. Too many lies are never good. VOTE: 5.

TOMMASO ZORZI – There are those who love him and those who cannot stand him, certainly the influencer is always sincere and direct, even when it is uncomfortable. As in the clash with Adua Del Vesco, accused by Zorzi of having revealed, even before entering the house, that Morra is gay. "We couldn't see each other in the hotel – said the actress -. I just left you a mask and conditioner. I didn't tell you anything ”. But Thomas denied it: "You are telling many lies," he said, certain of his truth. "You are using a moment of difficulty for me and for Massimiliano to say things that are not true – replied Adua -, allow me to tell you that I will not be used by you". Shortly thereafter, the former Riccanza star showed his more fragile side, recounting the difficult relationship with his father. “My father disappeared with me and my sister after the divorce – he explained -. I was completely abandoned. I think a child always needs a parent. It is something that leaves a void inside me. The worst thing I've come to think is that I don't want a relationship with a man like my father. It has compromised my relationship with men. I struggle to trust men. I find it harder than others to find a mate. I need someone who looks me in the eye and gives me a cuddle ”. Few have the courage to be so honest and get naked on TV. VOTE: 9.

DAYANE MELLO – Difficult to frame the supermodel in the right way, who is divided between declarations of love for Mario Balotelli and interest in Francesco Oppini. In the seventh episode of GF Vip, Alba Parietti's son appeared very annoyed by the model's statements who said she had received a very special ticket from him. "The note ended with a 'tvb' and it said 'we'll talk about it outside' – he revealed to Signorini -. I did not like the gesture he had with Francesca when he threw her tricks on the ground, so he goes from arrogant. I feel good with her, she makes herself loved, she is selfless, but I know where I can stop. I know how sensitive my girlfriend is to certain things, so I apologize if she felt hurt. For me my girlfriend is something different from what I see around, because I'm in love ". Is Dayane trying to create a love story in the House so as not to go out or is she sincere? For now the mystery remains. VOTE: 5.

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