GF Vip 2020, Gregoraci-Pretelli clash, Selvaggia eliminated: the report cards of the twenty-fifth episode

Elisabetta Gregoraci

At the "GF Vip" the Gregoraci-Pretelli clash is staged and three new competitors enter: the report cards of the twenty-fifth episode

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

New entries and many emotions in the twenty-fifth episode of the GF Vip which was marked by great news. After the farewell of two very strong competitors such as Francesco Oppini and Elisabetta Gregoraci, Alfonso Signorini announced the entry into the GF Vip House of three new tenants who promise sparks: Filippo Nardi, returned to the loft after many years, Samantha De Grenet, who has an unfinished business with Giacomo Urtis, and Sonia Lorenzin, who immediately clashed with Tommaso Zorzi.

Let's find out the report cards of the twenty-fifth episode of Big Brother Vip.

ELISABETTA GREGORACI and PIERPAOLO PRETELLI – It seems that the idyll between the competitors ended abruptly immediately after Elisabetta's farewell to GF Vip. The showgirl left the reality show to go home and hug her son Nathan Falco, born of love for Flavio Briatore. During the episode, the other competitors stated that the model would be "reborn" after the release of Gregoraci and he too admitted that it is. “So first you played the victim”, commented the presenter and Pierpaolo replied: “Today I am more lucid and I see things for what they are, what should I do? I was conditioned by your presence in the last few weeks. To date you tell me that I want to play the victim, but I was clear from the start. You were very confused. You were never clear ”. The Gregorellis – as the fans had nicknamed them – seem to have reached the end of the line and probably there will not be the now famous dinner that many hoped would have sparked the spark. Between approaches, farewells, quarrels and again clarifications, the relationship between Gregoraci and Pretelli held court for several episodes, but now it proves itself for what it was: a flash in the pan. VOTE: 5.

SAMANTHA DE GRENET and SONIA LORENZIN – The two new competitors of the GF Vip, entered the House with Filippo Nardi, have already given us cult moments and seem to be quite aggressive. Samantha immediately clashed with Giacomo Urtis and Dayane Mello with whom she had quarreled at the time of the Island of the Famous. A clip recalled the quarrel and Signorini recalled how Urtis had defined Samantha "famous only for being Pieraccioni's girlfriend, a fake and calculating". The face-to-face with Dayane then ended with a hug but not everyone liked it. "You are false!", Commented Malgioglio. A heated clash also between Tommaso Zorzi and Sonia Lorenzin. The influencer entered the House to reply to Zorzi that he had made fun of her in some Stories on Instagram. “I've been here for 90 days – thundered Tommaso -, I'm exhausted and you came here fresh dressed as a piñata to break?”. The conditions for clashes and cult moments that can move reality are all there. VOTE: 8.

CRISTIANO MALGIOGLIO – He remains undoubtedly one of the best competitors of the GF Vip, capable of giving moments of lightheartedness, but also of great depth and delicacy. He proved it, once again, by reading the letter written for Tommaso Zorzi who recently confessed to having fallen in love with his friend Francesco Oppini. "Tommaso is a very intelligent boy – the singer later said -, their friendship is beautiful but I hope that one day he will find a person who matches him". His words also moved Alfonso Signorini who revealed: "I want to tell Tommaso that in life it takes a little luck, their friendship will last, but love will also come one day". From the Francesco Oppini studio, who wore the shirt he received as a gift from Zorzi, he sent a message to his friend: "I am here for you, our friendship will still be a safe haven". How nice when sensitivity, irony and intelligence get married together. VOTE: 9.

PATRIZIA DE BLANCK – The long-awaited confrontation with Stefania Orlando has turned into a quarrel with Pupo. Entering the house to attack the competitor, once in the loft Patrizia softened. "Now that I have seen your tears I have been moved – he admitted -. I told you you were false and a liar, and I had my motives. I see that you are a great player. I don't know if you are false and a liar in life because I know little about you. But here you are playing ”. So he ended up arguing with the columnist in the studio. But on the other hand, De Blanck is like this: over the top, unpredictable, but also sincere. VOTE: 7.

STEFANIA ORLANDO – With class and determination, Stefania has always given her opinion to GF Vip without ever holding back. Even in front of Patrizia De Blanck she has kept her sober and classy style. “Alfonso, are you asking me if the Countess is winning because she is no longer in the House and I am? – he said replying to the conductor -. In my opinion, yes. I did her a favor by mentioning her because she is happy not to stay in the House at Christmas, but a little gain. Maybe I too would win ”. Similarly, in comparison with Dayane Mello he never backed down. A determined woman who is not afraid to say what she thinks. VOTE: 9.

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