GF Vip 2020, surprise for the Ruta, Malgioglio enters the House: the report cards of the twenty-second episode

The last episode of the "GF Vip" gave a great emotion to the Ruta, while in the House the clashes continue

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

The atmosphere inside the Casa del GF Vip is getting hotter, especially since Alfonso Signorini announced the extension of this edition of the reality show: the competitors will spend the Christmas holidays in front of the cameras, and not everyone has taken well the news. In the meantime, the clash between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Giulia Salemi continues, while a new tenant enters, highly anticipated for some time now. We are talking, of course, of Cristiano Malgioglio.

Here are our report cards for the twenty-second episode of GF Vip.

MARIA TERESA RUTA – Stainless steel winner of almost all the nominations made so far within the most spied on house in Italy, Maria Teresa Ruta received a surprise visit that was able to deeply move her. This time it was her son Gian Amedeo Goria who had a touching conversation with her. “I saw you down. You felt guilty because you weren't able to spend so much time with me when I was little. You don't have to have them. You have given us so many values, the passion and professionalism, the will, the desire to face every adversity head on and with a smile. I'm here to say thank you, mom ”. Her response was very sweet: "I adore you, you are a wonderful child that all parents would like to have – I am proud of you". The maternal side of Maria Theresa is once again overbearing to emerge. VOTE: 8.

ELISABETTA GREGORACI – The clash with Giulia Salemi has aroused very piqued reactions among viewers. In the last episode, Gregoraci mentioned some episodes from the past, thus bringing to light the old rusts existing between her and Giulia. After seeing the clip proposed by Signorini, the two are back to argue. Between the lines, Elisabetta hinted that Salemi would have had an ambiguous behavior towards Flavio Briatore: “If you are pretty and you have much more attention towards my now ex-husband… you cannot deny this thing”. And again: "Did you send him messages in friendship, yes or no?". Gregoraci's words appeared as a real attack on Salemi, who for her part showed great maturity in managing this difficult situation. VOTE: 4.

PATRIZIA DE BLANCK – Despite the recent elimination, the Countess continues to be the protagonist of this edition of the GF Vip. From the studio her voice comes clear and strong to the tenants of the House, and she made herself known especially on the occasion of the quarrel between Gregoraci and Salemi. During the diatribe, De Blanck intervened in defense of Elisabetta, with whom she made a beautiful friendship in the past few weeks: "She was interested in Flavio, and since he did not get away with it at all, now he brings out all these what's this. Flavio also told me that she was trying "- he declared, speaking of Giulia. Shortly after, the Countess was picked up by Myriam Catania, who apparently advised her to moderate her tone. A suggestion that infuriated her, since she started – with the microphone open – to throw rather unpleasant epithets towards her former roommate. VOTE: 5.

FRANCESCO OPPINI – His path so far has been characterized by ups and downs, but with a constant that made his stay particularly loved by the public: the beautiful – almost fraternal – relationship that was created with Tommaso Zorzi. And their friendship is today the only anchor that keeps Francis tied to the House. For a few days, the gieffino has in fact been thinking of leaving the reality show and returning to his family, a decision that many have been pondering since Signorini announced the extension of the show. “I think whatever choice I make will make someone suffer. I know that I can give and sustain a 100% friendship if I am well, but if I see that I start to collapse I prefer to take three steps back "- revealed Oppini, worried that his relationship with Zorzi could suffer negative consequences if he decides to leave Home. "I talked a lot with him this week and told him that our friendship will continue outside too." Francesco once again proved to be thoughtful and attentive towards his dear friend. VOTE: 7

CRISTIANO MALGIOGLIO – We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and finally we have been able to admire the return – in great style – of Malgioglio to the Casa del GF Vip. Already returning from a previous experience that had put him to the test, this time the lyricist seems to know what he is doing. In a few moments, he overwhelms everything in his path and throws digs left and right, with incredible savoir-faire. Impossible to take it out on him, even in the face of the hottest jokes – like when, greeting Adua Del Vesco, he began with: "Sorry love … but you change your name all the time!". It is a cyclone, and it leaves no way out for any tenant of this edition. We are sure that over the next few weeks it will be able to give some life to the atmosphere that, in the last period, had started to be too quiet. VOTE: 9

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