GF Vip 2020, the bad figure of Balotelli, Zorzi-Oppini clash: report cards twelfth episode

Elisabetta Gregoraci

At the "GF Vip" clarifications and clashes are staged, between Tommaso Zorzi and Oppini, while Balotelli makes a bad impression

GF Vip 5, the official cast chosen by Alfonso Signorini

The twelfth episode of the GF Vip has reserved great surprises, between important comparisons and cult moments. The highly anticipated entry of Mario Balotelli did not go as many had hoped, due to a bad joke against Dayane Mello. Alfonso Signorini, with his usual skill, pushed Francesco Oppini to expose himself, at the center of a possible strategy regarding Tommaso Zorzi, and Elisabetta Gregoraci, forced to take a position on Pierpaolo Pretelli.

MATILDE BRANDI – Leaving the GF Vip house, the showgirl has removed more than a few pebbles from her shoe. After the video that in the hours preceding the live broadcast had caused a heated quarrel between Tommaso Zorzi and Elisabetta Gregoraci, Brandi returned to the Cinecittà loft for another confrontation. He first spoke with the influencer, then with Stefania Orlando, accused of having preferred the game to friendship, and finally with Maria Teresa Ruta and Guenda Goria. Punctual responses from Guenda and Maria Teresa. "I don't find myself in the role of 'daughter of', I was very upset – said the young actress -. Matilde, you are a mother and have two wonderful daughters. One day, when your daughters are grown up, you will realize what that means. I am proud to be the daughter of Maria Teresa Ruta. But I'm also a professional in the field of theater and music, I work in a field that is a little more elite ". While Ruta clarified: "The difference between me and you is that I know many things about your daughters, you nothing about my daughter because you never asked me for anything". Zorzi instead accused Matilde of not having spoken when she was in the House, but of having done so only after the elimination. In fact some things the showgirl could have told her when she was in the game, now maybe it's easier. VOTE: 5.

FRANCESCO OPPINI – Little clarity and the suspicion of a strategy. Alba Parietti's son was cornered during the twelfth episode of GF Vip. In fact, according to many, the entrepreneur would have approached Tommaso Zorzi only to not be eliminated, sensing that the influencer is the public's favorite. Antonella Elia intervened on the matter, and she finally started pulling out her nails. "I see things from the outside and what you see is that you are a great player but you are not smart – he said to Alba Parietti's son -. You say things that make it obvious that you are a double agent, a great bitch. If you want to play with your cards face up, you see the error. You should play face down. Forgive me, as well as bitch, I think you are also a bit slimy. You gave Tommaso a kiss because it was better for you to give it to him, because you think he is strong ”. However, Alba Parietti's son denied: “No, I'm sorry. I also gave the kiss to Andrea and it didn't go on the air. It is not that I attach myself to Tommaso because I know he is strong and I want to make his shoes ”. Tommaso Zorzi, however, appeared disappointed by his friend's behavior: "You only need one abacus in that room, so you can do the math better," he said sharply. Strategies are part of GF Vip, but the public, we have known this for years, above all rewards those who have the courage to be themselves and to expose themselves with sincerity. Maybe Francesco should think about it. VOTE: 5.

TOMMASO ZORZI – The undisputed star of the latest episode of the GF Vip, he proved to be a multi-faceted character. Sensitive and sincere, but also ready to fight for what he believes in and to always have his say. Feared by the competitors who want to reach the final and much loved by the public, Zorzi confronted Matilde Brandi, questioning her sincerity, then he appeared disappointed by the possible strategy of Oppini who would have approached him only to not go out. “Alfonso I don't know what to say – Tommaso replied in front of the videos in which Francesco talked about him -. Luckily I have always been a free hitter in here, if there is someone who wants to do this course with me well, otherwise I will go on alone ". We like Tommaso more and more. VOTE: 9.

MARIO BALOTELLI – His entry into the House of the GF Vip was highly anticipated. The footballer met his brother Enock to whom he is very close, talking to him about his family and his girlfriend Giorgia. To ruin such an exciting moment, which could have been beautiful, a misplaced and bad joke by Balotelli against Dayane Mello, his ex. If the model, probably upset, did not reply, Alfonso Signorini did it for her. “I have to say something very important and that is very close to my heart – explained the conductor -. Mario gave everyone a great emotion seeing his brother. Unfortunately you made a very, very heavy and unpleasant joke to Dayane that I had not heard, but I feel compelled to say it now. It was a misplaced joke. Many women could feel offended. It would be nice for you to apologize. If you apologize it is for the good of all. I can't repeat the joke ”. The player said he didn't remember the line and apologized: “I really have no idea. Alfonso, I can apologize when you want but I swear I don't know what the joke is. Sorry Dayane if I offended you in any way. You know I love you for my soul ". VOTE: 0.

ELISABETTA GREGORACI – The showgirl, after hesitating and back and forth with Pierpaolo Pretelli, is forced by Alfonso Signorini to come out. "I don't know if I have someone waiting for me but since I've been in here I happen to think of a person who isn't Pierpaolo – admitted Briatore's ex-wife – […] I wanted to start this journey with a free head. When I get out of here God will see and provide. I wasn't dating this person but I don't think he knows anything. A future with Pierpaolo? In the House I don't know. When he comes out of the house, he and I will go to dinner ”. Again Elizabeth does not completely clarify. VOTE: 5.

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